HD Repair Forum 2022 To Tackle Industry’s Biggest Challenges

The HD Repair Forum Conference, to take place at the end of this month from 26 to 27 September 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, is being billed as addressing the industry’s biggest challenges including staffing issues, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), electric vehicle repair information, and new model vehicle technology advancements.

With electric vehicles and ADAS continuing to evolve, and their presence and complexity in the industry growing, the forum said its mission is to ensure the heavy- and medium-duty collision repair industry is prepared to handle and repair vehicles.

A well-known list of companies, organisations, and industry experts will take to the stage, providing education, training, and insight on these key topics. Presenters include I-CAR, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, Big Rig Alignment, Ford, Great Dane, the RV Dealers Association, Penske, and Progressive.

“Those involved in heavy-duty and medium-duty collision repair looking to prepare yourself, your team, and your business for growth and success, should make plans and head to Cleveland,” the forum said.

The HD Repair Forum will take place alongside TMC’s 2022 Fall Meeting and National Technician Skills Competitions, which offers attendees a chance to participate in both events.