Guniwheel Now Available Through SAPE Group

SAPE Group has added the Guniwheel universal tyre and wheel mounting system to its range of workshop equipment. According to SAPE, the Guniwheel prevents injuries to body shop workers and eliminates vehicle damage caused by unstable or poorly positioned jack stands.

The Guniwheel is also ideal for freeing up body shop work bays or safely keeping vehicles mobile when wheels are out for repair, as well as eliminating flat spots and dry rot on the tyres of trailers, campers, and other stored vehicles. Additionally, towing and recovery workers can use Guniwheels to substitute for stolen wheels or flat tyres.

The patented design allows for easy mounting on most four- or five-hole bolt patterns found on cars, SUVs, trucks, trailers, campers and more. SAPE says each Guniwheel is tested in an OEM facility to ensure safety and reliability when used as directed.

The Guniwheel is available in the following models:

  • Guniwheel 45S: For all cars, light SUVs, and crossovers. Fits most four- or five-bolt pattern vehicles with a maximum centre bore of 77 millimetres. Holds 1,134 kilograms per wheel.
  • Guniwheel 56: For trucks and large SUVs. Fits most five- or six-bolt pattern vehicles with a maximum centre hub of 110 millimetres. Holds 1,134 kilograms per wheel.
  • Gunihub 45: This universal rotating hub is used when brakes are disengaged or when a car is stuck in the parked gear. Install the Gunihub onto any four- or five-lug bolt for full wheel rotation.

For further information, call the SAPE Group on (02) 9772 9014 or visit the SAPE Group Guniwheel page.