Glasurit Introduces Fast, Eco-Friendly AraClass Coatings To Australia

Glasurit has introduced an advanced range of clear coats and undercoats, delivering what it says is a unique combination of quality, process speed, and eco-effectiveness.

“Industry-leading in every sense, AraClass offers a revolutionary new range of clear coats, undercoats, and mixing clears, accompanied by solutions designed to create the ultimate finish while still ensuring sustainability,” said Glasurit. “As a result, most AraClass products are EcoBalance products, certified for significant CO2 reduction. Highly efficient and innovative, AraClass is set to drive your business forward and give customers the edge in sustainability.”

According to Glasurit, AraClass is unlike any other paint system in the world, with products designed to balance increased profitability with sustainability, a concept the brand calls “eco-effectiveness”.

Most products in the AraClass range are certified and verified by independent third party REDcert. EcoBalance products are based on BASF’s biomass balance approach, which contributes to the use of renewable raw materials in the manufacturing process, instead of fossil fuels, to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

“With the launch of the Glasurit AraClass range, we are extremely excited to bring a revolutionary new range of clear coats and undercoats to the Australian market,” said Sally Jones, BASF Head of Sales and Marketing, Australia and New Zealand Coatings.

Following the launch of Glasurit 100 Line in 2020, BASF said AraClass builds on the brand’s commitment to offer increasing environmental options to automotive repairers. Glasurit is also committed to adding products with innovative and sustainable technologies based on UV and air-drying processes that drive savings.

“Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and we are seeing our customers around the world share this value and actively look for products that balance environmental protection, energy consumption, and productivity,” said Jones. “With Glasurit’s new AraClass range, body shops can now support the environment and, at the same time, have the guarantee of maximum performance thanks to the use of highly efficient solutions.”

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