Glasurit Introduces 22 Line Mixing Clear In Australia

Glasurit has launched a new mixing clear for its 22 Line top coat range, which the company says brings a new level of paint process simplicity, less waste and environmental benefits.

The new mixing clear allows refinishers to use AraClass hardener and AraClass reducer, according to ambient temperature and the size of the object to be painted, for a full range of solid colours.

Glasurit said AraClass Eco Balance 22 Line Mixing Clear A-T-20 is the first top coat mixing clear with Eco Balance quality certified by REDcert. This means it is highly sustainable, reducing raw fossil fuel usage during production and lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

“Formulated to ensure the highest product quality, the new 22 Line Mixing Clear meets the highest requirements of modern body shops,” said Glasurit.

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