Glasurit 100-MPT Function Coat Launched In Australia

Glasurit 100-MPT Function Coat Launched In Australia

Glasurit has introduced 100-MPT to its 100 Line offering in Australia, describing it as a “revolutionary” Multi-Purpose Tintable function coat product that allows body shops to paint new car parts in up to half the time compared to the standard process, while also reducing material consumption.

Glasurit says it benchmarked 100-MPT against leading technologies, discovering that it could save as much as half the processing time on average during a bonnet panel repair in the spray booth over the whole process (not including the time needed to dry the clear coat). This is mostly thanks to a traditional wet-on-wet surfacer no longer being required when using 100-MPT. Glasurit says that with the lower total process time along with reduced material consumption of up to 19 per cent, 100-MPT is “a game changer”.

Used with 100 Line, 100-MPT is suitable for application on new e-coated panels, old paintwork and interior matte-coloured finishes. Glasurit says it also allows you to reuse paint leftover from previous jobs, significantly reducing waste and lowering overall costs.

“The key feature of 100-MPT is the direct application to e-coat panels without the need for sanding,” said Ian Johnson, Technical Sales Support Manager at BASF Australia. “100-MPT not only improves process times of painting new parts, but also has the ability to reduce overall wet paint costs by utilising leftover basecoat.”

One example of MPT application is a stone-chipped vehicle exposing the grey primer underneath. Glasurit says that in this case, 100-MPT allows a function coat to be created similar to the topcoat colour, helping increase customer satisfaction.

Glasurit 100-MPT is available now in Australia. For more information, contact your local approved Glasurit distributor or visit this webpage.