Geoff Gwilym Appointed Interim CEO Of MTAA

Geoff Gwilym, CEO of the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC), has been picked by the Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) to be its interim CEO while continuing to search for a permanent replacement for former incumbent Richard Dudley.

“After Chief Executive Officer Richard Dudley’s retirement in December 2022, the MTAA board sought a high-level candidate to guide the association. That search remains ongoing,” said Frank Agostino, MTAA Chair.

“In the meantime, the MTAA board approached Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce CEO Geoff Gwilym and requested he act as CEO in the interim period. This arrangement is in effect indefinitely.”

Gwilym has been the VACC’s CEO since December 2014, and the MTAA said he brings a wealth of industry experience to the association.

In 1975, at age 15, he began his career in the automotive industry in the United Kingdom. He moved to Australia ten years later and continued working in the automotive industry before becoming a teacher in the TAFE system. His next move was to the VACC, where he ran the group apprenticeship scheme for three years. He then joined the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, where he led the learning and development programme. Before returning to the VACC as CEO, Gwilym also ran the Transport Logistics Skills Council, and then Auto Skills Australia.

He has a master’s degree in education and leadership, and wide-ranging media experience having regularly appeared on TV, radio, and in consumer and trade publications. He is a well-known influencer in the automotive industry, having a weekly VACC column in Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper as well as being co-host of the VACC’s podcast, The Grille.

“On behalf of my fellow MTAA directors, and the MTA CEOs across Australia with whom he will work closely, I welcome Gwilym to the role and wish him every success,” said Agostino.