Fix Network Experiences “Remarkable Growth” In Saudi Arabia

Fix Network says its Fix Auto Collision and Fix Auto Service brands are rapidly becoming the trusted multi-brand repair network for vehicle owners and insurance partners throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Along with its strategic partner Gulf Motor Company (GMC), a part of United Motors Group (UMG), Fix Network says it has made significant strides in the KSA market with 17 locations since its launch in January 2023.

“Our expansion in the KSA reflects our global commitment to delivering the highest standards of automotive repair and customer service,” said Steve Leal, President and CEO of Fix Network. “We are proud to be part of the KSA automotive industry through our partnership with GMC and look forward to continuing our growth, innovation and leadership in this dynamic market.”

“The Saudi customer today has information at their fingertips and is expecting a unique customer experience during his/her vehicle ownership journey,” said Hassan M. Al-Shamrani, Group CEO of GMC. “We, as GMC, are proud to be with a global brand like Fix Network who strives for customer excellence. Saudi Vision is towards an unparallel future, a digital and a connected age, and our services are also headed in the same direction.”

“GMC has the experience and operational know-how in the Middle East market to expand Fix Network in KSA with certified staff and technicians servicing customers based on global standards of Fix Network,” said Craig Hardie, Group COO of GMC. “The partnership between two highly professional businesses will deliver a new customer centric experience and ensure they become retained customers for life.”


Fix Network introduced its Fix Auto Collision brand into Saudi Arabia and created a new brand for vehicle repair and maintenance called Fix Auto Service. The company then expanded its presence by opening 17 repair centres in key cities and regions, each equipped with advanced technology and staffed by skilled technicians to provide comprehensive repair services. Those repair centres are:

  • Fix Auto Collision Faisaliah (Exit 18)
  • Fix Auto Collision Thuqba
  • Fix Auto Collision Madinah North
  • Fix Auto Collision Asfan
  • Fix Auto Collision Khamis Mushait
  • Fix Auto Collision Al Nakheel
  • Fix Auto Collision Jizan
  • Fix Auto Service Nahda
  • Fix Auto Service Al Mursalat
  • Fix Auto Service Al Wizarat
  • Fix Auto Service Al Badi’ah
  • Fix Auto Service Thuqba
  • Fix Auto Service Al Rakkah
  • Fix Auto Service Madinah North
  • Fix Auto Service Khamis Mushait
  • Fix Auto Service Al Bawadi
  • Fix Auto Service As Salamah

The modern and state-of-the-art locations offer air conditioning along with dedicated service areas and washrooms for women, while female service advisors are employed across both brands in light of the growing female driver population. The Fix Auto Collision Faisaliah (Exit 18) facility is also the largest Fix Auto Collision location in its global network, measuring 6,359 square metres.

Fix Network says Fix Auto Collision and Fix Auto Service have invested significantly in training their workforces while adopting the latest automotive repair technologies, including a dedicated training centre at its Fix Auto Collision Faisaliah (Exit 18) facility in Riyadh.

“Our partnership with GMC has been excellent – along with all the positive changes occurring in Saudi Arabia, the timing for Fix Network to expand into the GCC market couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Harry Dhanjal, Global Vice President OEM Relations and Strategic Market Development at Fix Network. “We are excited about the future of our partnership with GMC.”