Fix Auto Canterbury In NSW Is The Latest Addition To The Network

Fix Auto Canterbury In NSW Is The Latest Addition To The Network

Fix Auto Australia continues to grow with the recent addition of a new independently owned partner business, Fix Auto Canterbury, joining the network. Formerly IOMG Direct Smash Repair, Fix Auto Canterbury has served its customers for almost 60 years.

Located in Greenacre, New South Wales, the business was acquired by new owners three years ago and has since undergone a significant review of its operations to determine its potential for growth and improvement. Following an assessment of the options available to independent repairers, the new owners concluded that being part of a network was vital to sustainability and that the Fix Auto model provided the greatest value to their business in the longer term.

“We have a unique business that serves the local community very well,” said Director Simon Jia. “We have a customer facing team that speaks four languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malaysian. We find that this capability, along with our broad service offering of body and mechanical repair as well as detailing, positions us as a trustworthy and reliable choice with our customers.

“The opportunity to further strengthen this position by joining a global brand that our international customers can relate to, from other countries where they have seen it, is a huge benefit. In addition to the brand strength, we have already seen how their operational and process expertise can make significant improvements to how we do things and, most importantly, how profitable we are in doing them.”

Stuart Faid, Vice President for Asia and Head of the Australian Fix Auto business, said Fix Auto Canterbury’s customer base has a diverse demographic and the business has positioned itself neatly within the community.

“Having your vehicle repaired by someone, whether for smash repair or mechanical, requires a great deal of trust, and having people who can relate in both language and culture is a huge plus. We have a well-established business in China with over 150 shops and growing, and it is interesting to see brand recognition from China in the Australian market,” said Faid.

Scott Holden, Fix Auto’s QLD and NSW State General Manager, said Fix Auto Canterbury played an important role in serving the community.

“Simon’s business is a unique partnership for us – we have not had another business with such a focus on its international clientele join our network. To see a business thrive based on identifying an under-served demographic and giving those customers complete peace of mind is very interesting.

“The business and its new owners have a vision for growth and excellence which matches our own, and I am looking forward to helping them broaden and deepen their customer base and supporting their vision for the future”.