Finixa Introduces Powerpeel Spray Booth Coating In Australia

Finixa says protecting and maintaining your shop’s spray booth investment has never been easier and more affordable thanks to its new PWP Powerpeel spray booth coating.

Powerpeel can be applied to spray booth walls in one closed layer to protect against contamination. A water-based coating that becomes water resistant after curing, Powerpeel dries in 45 minutes at 65°C and if needed can be removed with water while curing.

Once the product has cured, the film becomes highly flexible, making it easy to remove anywhere between one and seven overpainted layers.

The coating is tested for up to six months of ‘peelable quality’ and is available in white for spray booth walls and transparent for light fixtures and windows.

Powerpeel can be applied by paint roller, 2.5-millimetre nozzle spray gun at 2.5 – 3.0 bar, an airless system, or the SPG80 pressure tank (recommended for best application) with a 2.5-millimetre nozzle and 4.5 bar at the tank.

The five-litre Powerpeel tub fits perfectly in the SPG80 pressure tank providing fast set-up and easy cleaning of the equipment. The product comes ready to use, while any dilution will have a negative effect on its performance.

If you prefer a tacky coating, you can overcoat with Finixa CBP which is a transparent, tacky, and washable coating. Simply apply CBP over a two-layer application of PWP Powerpeel.

To find out more, visit or call the sales team on 02 8036 8206.