Ezi-Methods Records 3 Million Repair Method Downloads

UK body repairer DF Crash Repairs from Milton-Keynes has downloaded the three-millionth repair method from Ezi-Methods – a little more than 12 months since the company celebrated reaching its two-millionth milestone.

Ben Cardy, Commercial Director for Ezi-Methods, said the speed in which the three-millionth download was reached “has been phenomenal” considering the challenges of the last 12 months.

“In reality, this latest milestone is yet another testament to the pace and faith in which the industry is adopting our services as we continually grow and develop our library of methods,” Cardy said.

DF Crash Repairs owners brothers Mark and Keith Ferebee were presented with a £250 voucher to mark the occasion.

“We turned to Ezi-Methods around five years ago as we have several leading manufacturer approvals including Lexus, Fiat, Kia, Hyundai, Suzuki and Mitsubishi,” said Keith.

“As you can imagine, while we predominantly repair vehicles from those manufacturers where we have to meet strict repair guidelines, practically every model of car on our roads, at some point, comes into our body shop so we turn to Ezi-Methods multiple times a day to ensure our repairs are carried out the correct way.

“It really is what it says on the can – easy [to use] though you also have the added advantage of having the Ezi-Methods team instantly at the end of a phone if ever there’s a query.”

Ezi-Methods offers more than 68,000 repair methods spanning 57 vehicle brands, 1005 models and 1,414 body styles. The company continues to add repair methods daily.