Ezi-Methods Reaches Two Million Downloads

Ezi-Methods Reaches Two Million Downloads - Dan Dillon

Ezi-Methods has reached the milestone of having its methods downloaded two million times, achieving it in March right before the COVID-19 lockdown was imposed. Dan Dillon, training co-ordinator at Gemini Accident Repairs, was the lucky one to download the landmark procedure.

The milestone comes as the company celebrates six years of operation, and adds that reaching two million downloads took less than half the time it did to reach one million. While the number of downloads decreased over the weeks that followed, a further 170,000 have now been downloaded since Dillon reached the milestone. Dillon was presented with £250 vouchers and a bottle of champagne to celebrate the achievement.

“The speed in which we have recorded our two millionth download just two years after reaching our first million is a testament to the pace and faith in which the industry is adopting our services,” said Ben Cardy, Commercial Director for Ezi-Methods.

Ezi-Methods says it offers over 44,000 repair methods spanning 57 vehicle brands and 944 models encompassing 1330 body styles, statistics which evolve and increase on a daily basis as the company continues to add to its library.

“Gemini is leading the industry with its drive to develop multi-skilled apprentices which I am privileged to oversee,” said Dillon. “As our more experienced repairers use Ezi-Methods, I turn to the company on an almost daily basis to ensure our apprentices, whether they’re new to our business or coming to the end of their programmes, follow the correct repair methods as specified to meet the latest industry requirements. You also have the added advantage of having the Ezi-Methods team instantly at the end of a phone if ever there’s a query.

“To say I’m delighted to receive the gift is an understatement – I never thought for a second I was downloading the two millionth repair method. I just downloaded for what I needed as I do most days. All I can say is thank you.”