EV Scheme By Arval To Plant More Than 500,000 Trees

EV Scheme By Arval To Plant More Than 500,000 Trees

Global vehicle leasing company Arval is launching an international biodiversity project planting trees – one tree for each electric or hybrid vehicle leased by the company in the country where the vehicle is delivered. Arval said that by the end of 2025 it expects 500,000 vehicles – 25 per cent of its global fleet – will be electrified, achieving a 30 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions compared to its 2020 output.

According to Arval, the project provides an opportunity to protect forests, commit to the preservation of biodiversity, and combat deforestation while promoting the adoption of electrified vehicles.

The project will be launched in the eight Arval countries with the biggest volume of electrified vehicles delivered in 2021. These countries include Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom. By the end of 2021, Arval expects that more than 70,000 trees will be planted. Following its implementation in the G8 countries, the project will be expanded to the rest of the Arval countries by 2022.

“With the ‘1 Electrified Vehicle = 1 Tree’ project, we have embedded corporate social responsibility at the very core of our business, counting on each employee and customer to embark on a sustainable journey towards adopting electrified vehicles”, said Alain Van Groenendael, Chairman & CEO of Arval.

Reforest’Action is overseeing and planting the trees in the countries that are part of the project. The organisation selects forestry projects and supports them financially. Arval said that since its creation in 2010, Reforest’Action has planted and protected more than 10 million trees in 25 countries, raised awareness of the importance of forests among 20 million people, and created a positive impact on the living conditions of more than 150,000 people around the world.

According to Arval, more than 10,000 trees could be planted in the UK within the first two years. Working with Reforest’Action, the company has secured its first British site at Great Ayton in North Yorkshire, with more locations expected to follow.

“This global initiative translates perfectly to the UK, where we have established a strong appetite for electrified vehicles,” said Arval UK Managing Director, Lakshmi Moorthy. “In adopting the ‘1 Electrified Vehicle for 1 Tree’ initiative, we’ve put corporate social responsibility at the very core of our business. We’d encourage each employee and customer to join us on the journey, switching to electrified and zero-emission vehicles.”