EV / Hybrid Repair Learning Opportunities Coming To CRE 2024

A new Expo Electrified feature zone at the upcoming Collision Repair Expo and Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo will allow attendees to learn about EV and hybrid service and repair. The zone will feature hands-on and practical demonstrations, including live testing of EV motors and generators delivered by experts from The Automotive Technician’s (TaT) EV & Hybrid Network.

Designed to give attendees exposure to the latest in EV technology and techniques, the zone will also show the latest EV tools and workshop equipment, EV personal protective equipment, and display a Ford F-150 Lightning EV provided by the Auto Innovation Centre (AIC).

“The value of getting ready for the EV [revolution] has never been clearer, and excitement around this new and rapidly evolving technology is building quickly,” said Tiffany Conway, Director of Membership, Marketing and Events at the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association.

“As such, we are very excited to offer the Expo Electrified zone to technicians and workshop owners wanting to get ahead of the curve and seeking the chance to learn from awesome teachers and state-of-the-art equipment at [the two expos].”

Jeff Smit, Technical Editor and Director at TaT, said Expo Electrified is a must for anyone looking to ensure they can best service their clients in the emerging market.

“Electrified vehicles are currently transforming from a trend to the mainstream, reshaping the roads and the way we can service our customers,” said Smit. “We are excited to bring real hands-on component testing to the Expo Electrified zone, giving an opportunity for you to carry out real tests on real EV and hybrid motors.”

The AAAA said Expo Electrified builds on the Workshop of the Future feature area staged at the 2022 event.

“Such is the pace of technological advancement in the EV and hybrid space, and with vehicles increasingly hybrid or EV powered – accounting for seven per cent of new car sales in 2023 – the time is right for this growing and dynamic field to have its own dedicated space at our [expos],” said Conway.

“Whether you want to learn about EVs and hybrids for now or for the future, Expo Electrified is a great way to gear up for effective and safe service and repair of these vehicles in your workshop.”

Collision Repair Expo attendees can also develop their EV collision repair skills during a dedicated training programme led by international expert Dirk Fuchs.

The expos will take place from 11 to 13 April 2024 at the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre. To register for free, visit www.collisionrepair.com.au.