Eurolak – By Concept Paints

Concept Paints has introduced its latest innovative product – EUROLAK HS 2K Clear Coat. Eurolak is an exceptional 3:1 easy to use HS 2K Clear Coat which has been developed from European technology with suitability to all weather conditions and climates.

A high performance high solids 2K clearcoat, Eurolak is designed specifically to provide a high performance, high solid clear over Concept Paints basecoat systems. It is characterised by superior flow, producing a very high gloss finish with exceptional chemical resistance and hardness. Additionally, Eurolak requires a lower baking temperature at 50 degrees for 30 – 40 minutes.

Eurolak is available as a 7.5 Lt Kit consisting of a 5 LT 2K HS Clear Coat and a 2.5 Lt Hardener. The feedback Concept Paints’ customers using Eurolak at their training facility in Western Sydney has been very positive and extremely encouraging.

For more information on Eurolak and other quality Concept Paints products, please call (02) 9673 2555.