EMM And Finixa Owner Chemicar Announce Merger

EMM And Finixa Owner Chemicar Announce Merger

EMM, known for its Colad and Hamach brands, and Chemicar, the manufacturer of Finixa products, have joined forces to create an enterprise that will operate in more than 100 countries. The two companies will become shareholders in the new venture along with investment company Quadrum Capital. The business will operate under the leadership of joint shareholders Thomas van der Kooij and Piet Greeve.

According to EMM and Chemicar, 17,000 square metres of warehouse area – with more than 10,000 pallet spaces – will be made available in one location from Q1 2024, with the goal of supplying all businesses relationships from Zwolle, The Netherlands after the 2024 European summer.

“We are committed to making sure the entire chain is successful and runs smoothly and we are happy to work together to ensure that this is the case. Should you have any questions, your contact at Finixa or Colad will be happy to help,” both organisations said.

“By bringing together knowledge and expertise and, therefore, moving forward as one organisation, we can continue to provide first-class product solutions for paint application.

“We can do all this with a focus on paint professionals and their work processes. As the companies behind the top brands Colad, Finixa and Hamach, we promise that paint professionals both at home and abroad will be able to carry out their work in a way that is safer, more efficient, of higher quality, more sustainable and more enjoyable.”

The companies said recent product solutions, such as the Colad UV Fast Curing System and the Finixa Green Paint System, are examples of how new ideas can come to fruition when the whole chain works together. Finixa’s eco-friendly product line and Colad’s Pro Planet Proof product line are being developed further using this approach.