Elite Body Shop Solutions Announces June 2020 Webinar

Dave Luehr’s Elite Body Shop Solutions has announced its next free Elite Webinar Series, “The 6th Secret – Leveraging the Power of the Mastermind”. Luehr will both present and host the webinar on Tuesday 23 June at 1 PM CDT.

In the webinar, Luehr will teach what he says is one of the most important success ingredients for a modern-day collision repairer – the people that we surround ourselves with.

“The one single commonality among all of the world’s most successful collision business owners is simply the groups they associate with,” said Luehr.

The programme will offer practical advice on how shops can quickly become a part of a powerful force while remaining independent.

Elite Body Shop Solutions says the key talking points will include:

  • Survival of independence depends on the power of peer groups
  • The leveraging of social capital leads to wealth
  • How industry titans have been leveraging masterminds for years to crush the competition
  • How to multiply by ten your success through “The Law of Reciprocity”
  • Finding a peer group to amplify success
  • Elite’s new masterminds and its benefit for customers towards success

You can register by clicking here, however if you are unable to attend the live event, you can watch the recorded webinar by joining the Elite Body Shop Academy for free here.