Diplock’s Collision Repair Centre Receives I-CAR Gold Class

I-CAR Australia and AMA Group have announced that Diplock’s Collision Repair Centre has been awarded I-CAR Gold Class Collision status. The organisations said Diplock’s Collision Repair Centre has ingrained the I-CAR Gold Class collision repair professional training programme into its daily business culture to keep ahead of technological changes.

“It creates a culture that training is part of our everyday process,” said Scott Donnelly, Technical Training, Prestige & OEM Manager at AMA Group. “With technology increasing, it is only natural that the level of training will increase. We are also introducing apprentices into our team’s training culture as early as possible in their journeys so it becomes second nature.

“COVID-19 and the remoteness of some regions in North Queensland created some challenges to the rollout of the I-CAR Road to Gold training, but with the mix of training available, it was just a matter of mapping out a plan and then executing. The flexibility in the I-CAR programme delivery really made this possible.”

Diplock’s Collision Repair Centre also made use of I-CAR Australia’s Industry Alliance Partnership programme to complement role-specific training required for Gold Class accreditation.

“BASF and their team have worked closely with us in ensuring that painting technicians are up to date with their module training and Car-O-Liner has been very supportive with training,” said Donnelly.

Martin Dickinson, Area Manager North Queensland at AMA Group, said: “With ADAS and the increase of BEV and HEV vehicles in our car parc, it is critical that the training is ‘real world’. This is something that I-CAR does very well – providing training which is relevant to our team members’ day-to-day roles and genuinely enhances their practical skills.”

“The experience was very seamless because of the variety of training delivery options. I would recommend all aspects of the training available. It has been great to see our people take up this opportunity, and work through the training programme offered,” added Dickinson.