Dave Luehr To Present ‘5 Keys To Attracting Top Talent’

Dave Luehr’s leadership division, The Limitless Entrepreneur, will host a ‘virtual masterclass’ titled ‘5 Keys to Attracting Top Talent’ on 12 May 2022 at 1pm CDT.

Luehr said as more people leave their jobs, the issue of talent shortage has shifted from a lack of available people to a two-fold question: “Why are they leaving their jobs and how can we bring these people into our businesses?”

“The ‘Great Resignation’ has created a ‘worker’s market’ – the new generation of worker is more selective of where they want to work and who they want to work with. Money and benefits are table stakes, but the best workers aren’t willing to work in a mediocre environment,” Luehr said.

“For savvy business owners, this worker’s market is good news. There are people out there looking for work. In fact, there are outlier businesses unaffected by the talent shortage who, in fact, have people coming to them for work.”

Presented by Luehr, ‘5 Keys to Attracting Top Talent’ will reveal the qualities that set these outliers apart and how others can apply their employee-attracting strategies.

“Our partner companies are also affected by the talent shortage and there is a flow-on affect,” Luehr said. “When they are short-handed and struggle to find great workers, it impacts our ability to provide the best experience for our customers. However, when we stand together to overcome this challenge, we all win.”

To register, visit event.webinarjam.com/channel/limitlesse-5keys.