Dave Luehr And Ryan Taylor To Present 5th Annual Positivity Summit

Dave Luehr from Elite Body Shop Solutions and Ryan Taylor from BodyShop Booster will present the 5th Annual Positivity Summit on 25 January 2024, from 10 am to 5 pm USA CST.

This year’s event, themed ‘Time to Accelerate! Stay Ahead of the Competition’, will run for more than seven hours and feature over 50 experts from around the world, including body shop owners and managers, industry experts, and thought leaders who will discuss hot topics in the collision industry.

Each hour of the summit will feature an expert panel interspersed with individual interviews on a range of topics, including ADAS, AI, customer pay, EV, marketing, OEMs, and telematics. During the sessions, leading body shop operators will share the strategies they use to create stronger teams, increase income, and differentiate themselves in their markets. Additionally, experts who serve the industry will share emerging trends and strategies to stay ahead of the changes occurring in the trade.

“Independent shops have many advantages they don’t recognise, chief among them being manoeuvrability,” said Taylor. “Think of a speedboat – quick to stop, easy to course correct, and able to go places big ships can’t. The summit is a chance to learn from other’s experiences and leverage these strengths to accelerate ahead of the competition.”

According to Luehr, positivity isn’t smiling while ignoring reality. “Genuine positivity faces challenges, learns from them, and finds opportunities others miss,” he said. “As we move forward in a changing business landscape, there is much to be gained by sharing what we each have learned for the benefit of others and the industry as a whole.”

Attendees can register for the free event here while questions can be directed to [email protected]. Those unable to attend the entire live event are encouraged to come and go as availability permits.