Cromax Launches High Efficiency Clear 3060S In Middle East

Cromax has introduced High Efficiency Clear 3060S to the Middle East region. A 2K clearcoat which offers body shops fast and flexible drying times, high productivity and ease of use, the new product can be used for a variety of repair jobs from spot repair to full vehicle respray, providing an excellent finish even in high temperature and humid conditions.

According to Cromax, High Efficiency Clear 3060S is “incredibly versatile”, with “innovative Axalta technology” enabling drying in 15 minutes at 60 degrees Celsius, in 30 minutes at 40 degrees Celsius, or in two to three hours of air drying. Cromax adds that it is the “perfect solution” for body shops that want to save on energy or increase productivity with no compromise on the final finish.

High Efficiency Clear 3060S can be used over both solvent-borne and waterborne basecoats, and it is also compatible with a body shop’s existing range of activators and thinners.

Cromax High Efficiency Clear 3060S is available now.