Consumer Support For Recycled Car Parts On The Rise, Survey Shows

A new survey by UK technology company Intelligent Motoring has revealed that 82 per cent of car owners would take advantage of recycled or reconditioned replacement parts if offered to them, but just 13 per cent said they had been given the choice of such parts by their service, maintenance or repair (SMR) provider.

According to the survey, the leading reason car owners were open to ‘green’ parts was to be environmentally friendly (71 per cent), followed closely by financial savings, cited by 69 per cent of respondents.

“Our research proves that consumers would happily and confidently opt for quality assured recycled and reconditioned parts to improve their own carbon footprint, but worryingly they aren’t being given the option,” said Duncan McClure Fisher, CEO of Intelligent Motoring, a company which provides automotive warranties, insurance products and aftersales solutions.

“The ongoing shortage of new vehicle parts has proved hugely challenging for dealers and garages over the last couple of years. So, with more than 80 per cent of every vehicle being recycled in some form or other, why are green parts not bridging the gap?

“Only 13 per cent of motorists we surveyed said they were offered these as an alternative when they visited their garage or dealer for SMR work. What’s more, with consumer wallets under constant pressure, SMR providers could pass on substantial savings to their customers as ‘green’ parts are typically 70 per cent cheaper than new items.”

The company said using quality assured recycled and reconditioned car parts reduces waste caused by end-of-life vehicles and the need for new OEM parts to be manufactured, significantly lowering the automotive industry’s environmental impact.

Intelligent Motoring says dealers, garages and service providers should always purchase certified recycled or reconditioned parts. The UK Vehicle Recyclers’ Association (VRA) Certification Scheme provides independent assessment of a recycler’s policies and procedures to help ensure that every reclaimed vehicle part has been accurately identified, recorded, tested and graded.

“With all VRA Certified items meeting strict quality standards, consumers can get peace of mind, save money and play their part in protecting our environment,” added McClure Fisher.