Collision Repair Expo To Discuss Mandatory Data Sharing Law

Collision Repair Expo To Discuss Mandatory Data Sharing Law

The Collision Repair Expo will provide a comprehensive update on mandatory data sharing, gearing workshops for the scheme that will become effective this year. The ‘Fair and Open Competition in the Automotive Industry’ seminar will be presented by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association’s (AAAA) Director of Government Relations and Advocacy, Lesley Yates.

Expo attendees can learn how the law will operate, the benefits and challenges ahead, and how independent repairers can use the secure data release model in real time.

“The timing of the Expo is perfect given it is being held only 11 weeks out from the launch of the mandatory data sharing scheme,” said Stuart Charity, CEO of the AAAA. “The Expo will inform the industry of the latest updates and how they can use those 11 weeks to prepare, both in Lesley’s seminar and at the Workshop of the Future Pavilion.”

“This scheme has been a complex and massive task – we are creating history here as there is nothing like this scheme around the world. A lot of current work is around the on-boarding of car companies to the AASRA (Australian Automotive Service and Repair Authority) platform, and already 35 car brands operating in Australia have expressed interest in joining the AASRA platform.

“We have finalised the scheme rules and we have launched the website and the secure data release platform, and those will be progressively updated as we get ready to go from 1 July. It is a really exciting time,” Charity added.

The Fair and Open Competition in the Automotive Industry presentation is one of many free seminars to be held across the three days of the Expo. To register for this free seminar and view the full seminar programme, visit For the Collision Repair Expo Seminar Series, visit

Expo registration is free to all trade members. Everyone registering and attending the event will be entered in a draw to win a $3000 Visa gift card.