Collision Hub Cool Tools: The Matrix Wand

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In this episode of Cool Tools, Roger Cada puts The Matrix Wand to test on light impacts, suspension damage and sensor placement. Is it possible to measure a vehicle with little to no tear down, no set-up and just with the push of a button?

About The Matrix Wand:

-Utilizing Matrix’s technology in a Body Shop provides Infinite Measuring possibilities and Infinite Data collection.
-Technicians can measure unlimited points of damage with full three dimensional XYZ coordinates.
-Trial and error in the repair process can be reduced to a minimum.
-Map the good side of the vehicle (or another undamaged vehicle) to acquire a XYZ road map for the repair.
-Have replacement parts fit on the first try.
-Estimate more accurate, reducing supplements, increasing efficiency and profitability throughout the repair process.
-Develop a complete database of vehicles for repair reference and insurance documentation.