Colad Launches A1P3 / A2P3 Respirators

Colad has introduced two new respirators to its personal protection range. According to Colad, the new disposable respirators protect against harmful vapours and particles according to filter classifications FFA1P3 R D and FFA2P3 R D.

“The Colad Respirators offer optimal protection against the dangers of isocyanate, paint or organic vapour inhalation. It also protects the user from dust particles. With the built-in A1P3 or A2P3 filters, the masks can be used for as many as 40 working hours,” the company said.

The masks are lightweight, flexible and compact to ensure a perfect fit around the nose and mouth, with adjustable straps making it easy to fit the mask exactly to the size of the wearer’s head for extra comfort.

“Our safety equipment provides the highest level of comfort for a safe and healthy work experience,” the company added.

Made of hypoallergenic thermoplastic, the respirators also feature a compact design offering a wide visual field and large diameter exhalation valve for optimal exhalation.

The respirators are available in A1P3 (article no. 50103) and A2P3 (article no. 50203).

For more information, contact [email protected] or your local Colad dealer.