Colad Adds Ceramic Protection To Range

Colad Adds Ceramic Protection To Range

Colad has expanded its range by adding two new products – a durable ceramic coating and a surface preparation liquid.

According to Colad, Ceramic Protection is a silicon-free ceramic coating, developed with the latest SiO2-based technology. It has excellent scratch resistance due to 9H pencil hardness, extended application time, and UV light application control.

Ceramic Protection creates a sealed layer that guards treated surfaces against environmental agents, making it easy to clean, scratch resistant and hydrophobic. It also offers strong closed layer surface protection against weather influences, acid rain, chemicals, dirt, UV radiation, oxidation, and corrosion that lasts up to two years or 50 washing cycles. It also has thermal resistance up to 1000°C and can be used on any painted or unpainted plastic or metal surface.

Ceramic Protection contains 38 ml of ceramic coating and one microsuede applicator pad, while Surface Preparation comes in a one-litre bottle.

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