Classic Bodyworks Becomes Fix Auto Rockhampton

Classic Bodyworks Becomes Fix Auto Rockhampton

Fix Auto has added another collision repair shop in Queensland, with Classic Bodyworks in Rockhampton making the decision to join the expanding network in Australia. Now called Fix Auto Rockhampton, owner Rick Norris said he couldn’t be happier with the decision.

Having been in the industry for 30 years and as owner and operator of Classic Bodyworks for 12 years, Norris says he has seen a lot of change in the industry – no more so than in the last five years. He became aware of the franchising model over two years ago as an option to push back against consolidation by the bigger companies in the industry, but he says he wanted to wait and see how things would play out, and also whether Fix Auto would stay committed to Australia.

According to Norris, he was able to see the impact of a contracting repairer base as shops closed around him to make way for consolidation, but he also saw that Fix Auto prevailed and says that it is delivering on its promises to its network.

“It was a number of things coming together at once that ultimately convinced us it was the right time and the right move,” said Norris. “I was reluctant to entrust my family-owned business to a new-start company in Australia when they first arrived. I didn’t know if they would be here tomorrow if things got hard and I didn’t know just how tough things would get for me as an independent. Two years after my first discussions with Fix Auto, the network has grown, their team has grown and they are not giving up on their vision, despite the fact it could not have been a harder two years than it has been.

“The final piece of the puzzle for me was the endorsement of the work providers about how the model can really support our business. The team at Fix make a real difference to the operations of the business, improving efficiency, driving up margins and providing much needed commercial support.

“Rick is so passionate about everything he does – he puts his heart and soul into making sure he runs the best business he can,” said Scott Holden, State General Manager for Fix Auto, NSW & QLD. “I am excited to start working with him in supporting his aspirations for growth and affirming his position as the repairer of choice in Rockhampton.”

“Rick is no different to a number of repairers who have been waiting to see if Fix Auto has the staying power to deliver on its promises to the independent repair industry and, more importantly, that we are committed to this market for the long term,” said Stuart Faid, Head of Australia and Vice President for Fix Auto Asia. “I totally understand that position, especially when we are dealing with family businesses that are multi-generational and institutional in their local communities. Nobody makes the decision to join our network lightly and nor should they, but once they do, they have that peace of mind that their future is secure. We have been around since 1992 and are now present in 13 countries worldwide. We are here to stay.”