Citroen Cactus Withstands 100 Trolley And 5000 Paintball Strikes

Citroen’s all-new C4 Cactus compact SUV has emerged from two days of torture at the hands of Australian motoring media with close to 100 trolley strikes and 5000 rounds of paintballs pummelling the vehicle’s exterior. Citroen demonstrated the vehicle’s all-new Airbump protection panels in the most real-world way possible constructing a 2m trolley run with the Cactus’ Airbumps providing the stopping point for the runaway baskets.

Even when subjected to one extremely violent strike the Airbumps backed up for more punishment, strike after strike. Able to withstand the impact of a shopping trolley travelling at up to 4km/h, the Citroen Cactus’ Airbumps proved their ability to withstand repeated strikes, both for dents and scratches.

But if a shopping trolley wasn’t enough a demonstration media were also given the chance to fire paintballs at the Citroen Cactus and its Airbumps.

At an average weight of approximately 4 grams, over 5000 paintballs were fired at the Citroen Cactus at average speed of 330km/h. The only damage sustained was a cracked tail lamp and a broken grille badge, despite the target being the Airbumps. National Marketing Manager for Citroen Australia, Dimitri Andreatidis, said the launch aimed to prove the real-world usability of the Airbumps and the fun nature of Cactus.

“What better way to prove that Cactus’ innovative design features actually perform as intended than subject it to real world punishment from the nation’s harshest automotive critics,” said Andreatidis. “We took the Cactus beyond the everyday accidental damage scenario and subjected it to some extreme punishment, and it emerged virtually unscathed. This is testament to the Cactus’ high quality and ingenious design. The demonstrations did come with a serious note – do not try this at home! While it was great fun to try it on our own vehicle, I think our owners would prefer that you don’t go out and test it for yourself.”

The Citroen C4 Cactus arrives in Australian dealers throughout March.