Chad Counselman To Lead Auto PARTnered Solutions US Expansion

Chad Counselman To Lead Auto PARTnered Solutions US Expansion

Auto PARTnered Solutions’ Chad Counselman will return to the United States in mid-October to head the group’s push into the US market, with an initial focus on its exactbids service.

Counselman, a former automotive recycler and Automotive Recyclers Association president, moved to Australia in March this year to help run the Auto PARTnered Solutions group of companies. COVID-19 restrictions came into place soon after, leaving Counselman unable to bring his family to Australia. With no end to the pandemic in sight, he and Auto PARTnered Solutions’ Chris Daglis have now changed strategic direction, engineering a win-win situation for both Counselman and Auto PARTnered Solutions.

“Chad has been an absolute champion through what must have been one of the most challenging times of his life,” said Daglis. “He moved to a new country leaving his wife and daughter at home, only to find that because the world had gone into lockdown, he couldn’t get his family here.

“The opportunity for Chad and Auto PARTnered Solutions is that he goes home and hits the ground running, bringing our solutions to our friends in the US of A.

“We make fun of his southern drawl, [but] if you’ve had the great honour of speaking with Chad, you’ll know that his heart is as big as his mouth and, as such, he will always bend over backwards making sure your systems are running smoothly and that you are increasing your profits yesterday,” added Daglis.

“We are excited at this opportunity to take the hard work we have put in developing amazing new products and services over the last seven months with Chad to the USA. While we will miss his lively banter in the office, he’s only a Zoom call away and will continue to play an integral role on this side of the pond.”