Celette Launches Revolutionary AI WebTools Solution Platform

Celette has introduced its AI WebTools platform, taking an innovative approach to addressing the challenges faced by body shops in navigating diverse body and paint programmes. Describing the service as “the ultimate solution for body shops of all sizes and equipment capacities”, the company said AI WebTools demonstrates its commitment to leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and adaptability in the automotive repair industry.

No matter the size of the collision repair business, Celette says AI WebTools are designed to meet its needs. There’s no limitations based on equipment, with cutting-edge solutions available to all customers.

Celette AI WebTools is designed to leverage the power of AI to provide tailored solutions for each repair job. From precise measurements to comprehensive repair plans, Celette says its AI algorithms ensure efficiency and accuracy at every step.

An intuitive interface has been implemented that makes navigation simple, while being web-based means Celette AI WebTools are accessible from any device with an internet connection, whether the operator is in the shop or on the go. The platform’s four distinct menus offer a comprehensive suite of tools and services aimed at streamlining the repair process and ensuring compatibility with a wide range of car models and equipment.

  • Celette Tools: This menu showcases the Cameleon universal jig system along with electronic measuring systems like Naja 3D and Eagle. The subscription model for accessing the complete Celette database offers a cost-effective solution for body shops, allowing them to repair any car regardless of brand or model.
  • Celette AI Software for Tracking Gauges: Designed to assist body shops in acquiring frame equipment data, this tool provides access to the Celette database for tram gauges. The subscription model offers flexibility depending on the country of operation, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Celette AI WebTools for Metric System Benches: Targeted at benches, frame machines, and equipment using the metric system, this menu provides compatibility with brands like Car Bench, Globaljig and Spanesi. According to Celette, its subscription model reflects the value offered by the software and ensures access to accurate repair solutions.
  • Celette Cameleon Adaptors, Hardware, and Software: This menu highlights compatibility with a variety of benches including Chinese benches, through adaptors and Cameleon hardware. The associated software provides access to an extensive underbody database, offering a comprehensive solution for collision repair centres.

Celette says AI WebTools allows collision repair businesses to experience “unprecedented” levels of efficiency thanks to minimised downtime and reduced errors, leading to maximised profitability with streamlined workflows and precise guidance.

From frame straightening to panel replacement, Celette says AI WebTools covers every aspect of collision repair. Whether dealing with minor dents or major structural damage, the service features comprehensive solutions tailored to the repa’rer’s specific needs.

Try Celette AI WebTools at www.collisionrepair.ai.