Celette Acquires Canada’s Wedge Clamp Systems

Celette has expanded its range of products and services with the acquisition of Wedge Clamp Systems, a Canadian-based company specialising in floor systems for automotive, light trucks and bus collision repair.

“Wedge Clamp Systems has delivered a variety of innovative products to the market that are in keeping with the Celette mission. Our partnership of products and engineering will allow us to deliver and develop more solutions for the ever-changing collision repair industry,” said Celette.

“For 70 years, Celette has been the leader in delivering highly productive and innovative body repair equipment to the automotive industry. We place a strong priority on providing products that increase overall efficiency while facilitating the ease of vehicle repair for technicians of all levels.


Wedge Clamp Systems’ equipment range includes the fast Eze Tie Down System, the Chainless Anchoring System for unibody and full frame SUVs and pickup trucks, full-frame anchoring system, commercial bus straightening systems, and more.

The Eze Tie Down System is for light, fast jobs, with its speed, light weight and portability making it ideal for ‘express’ production bays, leaving vehicle wheels on the ground.

The Chainless Anchoring System is designed for medium and larger size jobs. Its lightweight anchor on raised rails locks the frame firmly in place for pulling and straightening.

Ideal for SUVs and full-size trucks, Wedge Clamp’s full-frame anchoring system makes damage assessment and repair on full-frame vehicles easier. The system uses a unique, patented two-axis swivel clamp that adapts to most vehicle frame configurations, allowing faster set-up using fewer adapters.

Wedge Clamp floor anchoring rails can be easily installed on existing floors or imbedded into new construction projects.