Autopromotec 2015 Looking Good

The organizers of Autopromotec 2015 are witnessing such an increasing flow of exhibitor registrations that exhibit space in the halls devoted to lifting equipment, tires and tire equipment is already sold out long before the official deadline of October 31. Autopromotec 2015 is taking place at the Bologna Trade Fair Centre May 20 – 24, 2015. There’s also been a positive response from the hall devoted to spare parts. It has seen many long-time regular exhibitors confirm their participation and will soon welcome new important sector companies.

Great interest is being shown in the Filling Station Equipment event, which will involve leading companies of the service station, car wash, car care and chemical industries. The Diagnostic Hub has also been confirmed for the 2015 edition and will be expanded with the presence of new sector leaders and important legislative innovations coming into force such as the new MCTCNet2 inspection system.

Also for Autopromotec 2015, exhibit space distribution will stay true to the “show-within-the-show” concept and allows attendees to plan their visit according to their professional interests.

According to the Autopromotec organizers, this growing demand for exhibit space reflects the technological stir and endeavour that is now affecting the entire automotive aftermarket industry. There are several innovation fields involved: the new vehicle inspection regulations will require major technological updates from operators; TPMS introduction will turn tires into “intelligent” elements, leading tire professionals to work with software and electronic tools. Infomobility systems keep evolving at a fast pace, and many will be the innovations featured in this specific field. New emission standards are stirring up the market for fuel efficiency. Thanks to the partnership between the organizers and Federmetano, major innovations will be presented in the new energy area, with more details coming soon. It also needs to be remembered that car dealerships have been long eager to play a more active role in the auto maintenance and repair sector, and this is clearly another factor driving business operators to the Autopromotec show.

The amount of foreign exhibitors registered so far almost represents 39 per cent of the final figures achieved in 2013, and is the result of busy worldwide promotional tours undertaken to increase the number of international exhibitors and buyers coming to the show.

The auto repair sector appears to be alive and able to react to the global economic crisis. The current number of exhibitors presages double-digit growth over Autopromotec 2013, and 2015 is expected to be the most complete, specialized and internationally-oriented edition ever.

Innovation Awards Winners Announced

The winners of the 2014 Automechanika Innovation Awards have been chosen. On 28 August, an independent jury of eight experts agreed on the seven winners whose innovative solutions and futureoriented products are to be honoured and shown at Automechanika Frankfurt. The winners were selected from 120 entries, 66 of them from Germany and 54 from other countries. No awards were given in the Tuning and Service Station & Car Wash categories.
The jury is made up of experts from relevant trade associations, media and industry: Ralph M. Meunzel, Springer Fachmedien München GmbH; Wolfgang Michel, Vogel Business Media GmbH & Co. KG; Wilhelm Hülsdonk, Federation of the German Motor Vehicle Trade (Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe – ZDK); Prof Axel Schumacher, Bergische Universität Wuppertal; Thomas Mareis, Krafthand Medien GmbH; Prof Helmut Tschöke, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg; Matthias Dingfelder, Lower Franconia Handicrafts Chamber (Handwerkskammer für Unterfranken); Matthias Rittinger, RWTH Aachen, Institute for Motor Vehicles (Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge).
The awards will be presented during the Automechanika opening ceremony in ‘Saal Panorama’, Forum Messe Frankfurt, at 10.00 hrs on 16 September 2014 and visitors will be able to see the awardwinning products from each category at the Innovation Awards exhibition in the foyer of Hall 4.1 throughout the fair.
Below are the details of the winners in each category with the name of the product, a brief description and contact information.

Category: Parts & Components
Continental Aftermarket GmbH: VDO REDI-Sensor
The VDO REDI-Sensor is a pre-programmed tyre-pressure control sensor that covers a multitude of vehicle models with only three variations. Moreover, no additional programming is required. With the REDI-Sensor, workshops are perfectly equipped for the introduction of tyre-pressure control systems in Europe.
Forum Level 0, Stand A03; Tel: +49 69 7603 3747

Category: Electronics & Systems
TMD MK3 is a multi-marque product for fleet controlling and telemobility unrivalled worldwide. Only TEXA offers a multi-marque diagnosis model that is connected to the vehicle via the OBD box. Integrated are 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE telephone module; Bluetooth 4.0 Classic and LE module; GNSS module; 2 three-axis acceleration sensors, gyroscope, altimeter and double micro-processor.
Hall 8.0 E96; Tel: +39 3351 047 240

Category: Accessories
PANNEX AG: PANNEX tyre sealant
PANNEX is a new, highly effective and environmentally friendly tyre sealant used for emergency tyre repairs. Micro-fibre based, the product is fully biodegradable and can seal punctures of up to 8 mm. Repairable tyres can be reused.
Hall 4.1 D41; Tel: +42 337 700 77

Category: Repair & Diagnostics
TEXA S.p.A.: Augmented Reality Glasses by Texa
Developed by TEXA in cooperation with Epson Italia, the Epson BT-200 glasses enable technicians to see all the information needed for a repair by projecting it in front of their eyes while they are working on the vehicle.
Hall 8.0 E96; Tel: +39 (0)3351 047 240

Category: Repair & Maintenance
MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG:
MFP 3000 MAHA dynamometer
The MAHA MFP 3000 is the first dynamometer that permits a vehicle to be test driven and the safety and driver-assistance systems tested on an auto hoist. Thus, it provides for an efficient testing procedure and greater road safety.
Hall 8.0, Stand C04; Tel: +49 8374 585 0

Category: IT & Management
Car-O-Liner AB: Vision 2
Vision 2 is the fast, precise and user-friendly software for 3D measuring systems. Visionâ„¢ is the modern measuring software Car-O-Liner that guides technicians through the entire repair process and carries out centring, measuring and documentation work automatically. The software was developed by Car-O-Liner for use with the Car-O-Tronicâ„¢ and PointXâ„¢ measuring systems.
Hall: 11.0 Stand C65; Tel: +46 736 406 369

Category: OE Products & Services
Industrie Saleri Italo S.p.A.: Modular pump
The compact, inexpensive device adjusts the coolant flow exactly in accordance with engine requirements and cooling-system temperature and thus helps improve engine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.
Hall 5.0, Stand C66, Tel: +39 0308 250 442

CAPAS Has More Than 11,000 Visitors

The first edition of the Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services (CAPAS) attracted 11,045 visitors from 22 countries and regions when it was held 21 – 23 July 2014 at the Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition & Convention Center, China.

The top 10 overseas visiting countries and regions to Southwest China’s one-stop platform for information exchange, marketing and trading which covering parts and components, accessories and tuning, as well as repair and maintenance were (in order of highest attendance): Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Italy, Thailand, US, UK, Japan, Singapore and Russia. In addition, the show attracted 593 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions: Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Slovakia, Taiwan and the US.

Commenting on the show’s successful debut, Mr Wang Xia, President of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Sub-Council (CCPIT-Auto) said: “I am pleased that CAPAS provided a highly effective platform for the industry by attracting quality exhibitors and many professional domestic and overseas buyers from the auto manufacturing, auto parts production and distribution sectors as well as repairs and maintenance services. In 2013, the car parc in China exceeded 137 million units. As a result, China has become the world’s second largest auto consumption country, which provides an aftermarket with a capacity of over RMB 700 billion. As we can see from some mature overseas markets, the aftermarket sector accounts for almost 60% of profit margins for the whole auto industry chain.”

Mr Jason Cao, Senior General Manager, Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd added: “With the huge support from our prestigious supporting associations, organisations and government agencies, the first show was held successfully with 35,000 sqm of exhibition space. In addition, a promising number of exhibitors came from Southwest China, confirming the recognition and high demand from this market. It proves that launching a professional trade fair for the auto parts and aftermarket sectors in Southwest China was a wise decision.”

Commenting on the market potential, Mr Li Gang, President of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Sichuan Council (CCPIT-Sichuan) explained: “Chengdu is reputable for its abundant resources and is regarded as the most dynamic city in Western China. With its prosperous market, good logistics services, well-developed industry infrastructure as well as its advantageous location as an extension point to other nearby important cities, it has attracted many key auto manufacturers to set up their plants here such as FAW-Volkswagen, Toyota, Geely and Hyundai.”

Exhibitors and visitors show enthusiasm about the show and Southwest China market

Shanghai BPI Trading Co Ltd is a well-known US brake parts supplier with three brands: Raybestos, Haimeng and Aimco. The company exhibited at the show to strengthen their brand image in Southwest China. Marketing Executive Ms Jin Jie Li said: “Since the Sichuan market offers great potential, it is important for us, so we want to find more dealers and distribution channels at the show. So far I’ve collected about 100 valuable contacts and I’ve also met overseas buyers from emerging markets such as the Middle East and South America. Exhibiting at the show helps develop our business in Sichuan.”

Du-Hope International Group is China’s exclusive agent for Liqui Moly GmbH, a renowned global supplier of engine and gear oils, oil and fuel additives as well as auto care products. Mr Xianghua Meng, Du-Hope’s, Manager for the Southwest Region was also impressed with the show. He said: “The market prospects in Southwest China are as good as in Shanghai, Guangdong and other areas, so we have been looking for an opportunity to enter this market. We aim to promote our brand and find partners from terminal repair shops and 4S shops. At the show I had contact with many professional buyers and many showed interest in cooperating with us.”

Also wanting to strengthen their brand image and explore new business opportunities was ContiTech Shanghai Rubber & Plastic Technology Ltd. Its German parent company Continental is one of the world’s leading specialists in rubber and plastics technology. Mr Wei Xu, Sales & Marketing Manager (China) commented: “The Southwest China market is our strategic direction and I am happy to have already collected valuable business leads at the show. Chengdu is the centre of Southwest China and its business opportunities can extend to Yunnan and Guizhou. Also, Chengdu’s car parc has grown rapidly in the past 10 years. I think no companies would want to miss this market.”

Sharing a similar view was Mr Hongwei Zhang, Sales Manager for Yingkou Dali Automobile Maintenance Equipment S&T Co Ltd. He said: “We’ve met our target customers from aftermarket dealers and end customers such as workshops. The end customers are quality visitors. At the show, we organised an ordering event for agents and an activity with our agents in Chengdu city, aiming to promote our brand and products to our end customers. We received good response. Sichuan market has good potential.”

Visitors were equally satisfied with the show. Mr Chuanfu Xiang from Chengdu Jin Zheng Auto Parts attended the CAPAS Matchmaking Forum to source brake pads and brake rotors. He commented: “I knew some of the suppliers at the forum but I have never met them before. It’s good that I could finally meet them in person. As the first edition of show, I think the overall result is good.”

US visitor Mr Frank Cong, Asian Business Development Manager for Walker Products Inc, which is one of the largest fuel system components and engine sensors manufacturers, came to the show for sourcing and marketing reasons. He said: “CAPAS is Messe Frankfurt’s first show in Southwest China, so we want to explore the market. Chengdu and Chongqi are two important locations in Southwest China. In addition, our important dealers are here at the show. Finding dealers in Chengdu is important because this city serves as an extension point to the Northern China markets like Xinjang.”

Also optimistic about the market was Mr Gaoxiang Tang, Purchasing Manager for Chengdu East-tech Industrial Develops Co Ltd. He added: “I came here to source mainly chassis, brakes, clutches and other related products. At the show I’ve met many of our existing business partners. I would also like to find new suppliers and hope to explore new business cooperation at the show. The demand for autoparts and aftersales service will certainly increase after four to five years because Chengdu’s car ownership rate is growing rapidly.”

A series of fringe programmes add value to the show

The show organised 11 fringe programmes including various forums, seminars, product presentations as well as auto city visits during the 3-day event, giving industry experts, exhibitors and visitors valuable opportunities to exchange the latest industry and market information effectively.

CAPAS Academy speaker Mr Yiqiang Peng, Deputy Dean for School of Transportation and Automotive Engineering of Xihua University said: “The seminar plays a guiding role in improving Southwest China’s auto market by helping the audience to better understand local market development as well as government policies and incentives. In addition, it offers an opportunity for information exchange and builds a bridge for the audience and the industry professionals.”

Audience member Mr Yanyi Zhang, Deputy Secretary General for the Expert Committee Automobile Marketer of Sichuan Association of Automotive Engineering was happy with all the speaker presentations. He explained: “In particular, Mr Peng’s analysis of the autoparts industry problems and his own figures and data were very helpful for the entire automotive industry chain.”

Another event, “Increase Export Profit and Establish Self-owned Brands Seminar”, was organised by Shanghai Top Team Enterprises Co Ltd. Company’s Director Ms Christina Deng said: “I understand that many Chinese companies, especially manufacturers, encounter bottlenecks in their businesses. This seminar offered an ideal platform for industry peers to address their problems, gain new insights and be inspired.”

Polish audience member Mr Borys Czajczynski, Sales and Marketing Vice President for Ceramizer Sp. Z O O also found the seminar worth attending. He commented: “Although the presentation was not completely suitable for our business model, I found the information interesting. For example, I’ve learnt more about the characteristics of the autoparts business in China. Also, the speaker gave useful facts about the Chinese market and the mentality of Chinese people which can help plan our future strategy.”

CAPAS is organised by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Sub-Council (CCPIT-Auto), Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Sichuan Council (CCPIT-Sichuan).

The next edition of show will be held in 21-23 May 2015. For more information about CAPAS, please visit, or email

Automechanika Names Green Award Recipients

The 25 exhibitors with particularly sustainable and resource-friendly products to be listed in the ‘Green Directory’ guide for visitors have been selected. The background to the competition: the deadline for receipt of entries for the Automechanika Green Directory was 1 June 2014. The competition was open to all exhibitors of Automechanika 2014. Altogether, 44 applications for inclusion in the ‘Green Directory’ were received. 17 entries (39 percent) came from companies based in Germany, 27 from other countries (61 percent). Each product entered could be allocated to one of eight different categories.

The highest score in the judging was achieved by Robert Bosch GmbH for its system of remanufacturing electronic automotive components. Explaining the jury’s decision, Dr Gerhard Angerer of Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI said, “Repairing, reconditioning and reselling defective electronic components is a future-oriented technology that is growing in importance. Robert Bosch GmbH has made supplying exchange electronic automotive components an economically attractive proposition, which represents a breakthrough in the practice of throwing away defective electronic products and means valuable raw materials are kept in the economic cycle.” The jury’s report also states, “Remanufacturing electronic components requires in-depth knowledge of the system architecture and complex test algorithms. The technology is applicable to both cars and trucks and is a model for other product groups where a throw-away mentality still exists today, e.g., in the field of entertainment electronics.”


All entries are examined with regard to their innovativeness and sustainability. Points are then given in the subsequent analysis of material and energy efficiency and emissions balance. The 25 entrants with the highest number of points are listed in the Green Directory, the ecological visitor guide to Automechanika 2014, which will be distributed at the fair and be available for downloading as an e-paper from at the end of August. On and in the exhibition halls, visitors will also find a striking green leaf as an orientation aid.

The 25 selected participants and products in the individual categories are:

Parts & Components
Industrie Saleri Italo S.p.A

Modular pump


Carwood Motor Units Limited

Remanufactured common rail diesel fuel pump


Borg Automotive Ltd.

Borg Automotive Remanufacturing Process


Delphi Diesel Systems Ltd.

Delphi Aluminium Cable Systems


Federal-Mogul Global Aftermarket EMEA

Ferodo Eco-friction


FTE automotive GmbH

Remanufactured brake callipers


Ultra Performance Energy Clear – CC6700


Arnott Europe

Remanufactured pneumatic spring


Haugg Kühlerfabrik GmbH

Cooler grill for batteries and power electronics


Electronics & Systems

Robert Bosch GmbH

Bosch 1:1 electronics remanufacturing





Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH

Remanufacturing of pneumatic brake-systems components



Valeo electric supercharger


Big Time Auto Parts Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Transparent, flexible LED brake, turn-signal and reversing light


Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.

Q90 LED work light



Pannex AG

New, highly effective and environmentally friendly tyre sealing agent


Lucidity Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Lucidity 22807 9-diode LED work lamp


IPV Inheidener Produktions- und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

12 volt automobile cool box with adjustable current consumption


Repair / Maintenance




MPS Micropaint Deutschland GmbH



Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Teroson EP 5010TR


Festool Group GmbH & Co. KG

Festool TURBO II stationary dust extractor system


Festool Group GmbH & Co. KG

Festool LEX 3 eccentric sander


Ionitec International AG

Ionitec Aton Paint Drying Robot


Service Station & Car Wash

GPS Service GmbH & Co. KG

Hydraulic plant operated with ‘aqua blue’


No entries were received for the Tuning, IT & Management and Repair / Diagnostics categories.

More Speakers For CRES At NACE

NACE management has decided to add more speakers to the very-much-in-demand Collision Repair Executive Symposium (CRES). Aimed at multi-shop operators, as well as operators looking for high-growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions, CRES is an excellent day of education and networking opportunities for multi-shop operators.


8:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Market Dynamics Changing in vehicle ownership and driving patterns, ride-sharing, collision avoidance technologies, usage based insurance and vehicle telematics are just some of the latest factors influencing the current marketplace. Learn from insurance and collision industry executives about how these trends having impacted today’s market and will influence the future market for collision repairs.
Moderator: Russell Thrall III, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, CollisionWeek
Participants: Joseph Funk, Vice President, AIG Complex Casualty Claims
Susanna Gotsch, Director, Industry Analyst, CCC Information Services, Inc.
**NEW** Randy Hanson, Claim Director, Allstate Insurance


10:00 AM – 11:30 AM: Maximizing Capacity Utilization Collision repair operating models are constantly evolving in response to both the marketplace and the desire to continuously improve the business. Increasingly, successful repair facility operators are focusing their operations on maximizing their capacity utilization to assure top level Key Performance Indicator performance and assure growth.
Moderator: Erick Bickett, CEO, Fix Auto USA
Participants: Paul Krauss, President and CEO, Craftsman Auto Body
**NEW** Don Mikrut, Vice President of CarCare Collision Centers
**NEW** Joe Amodei, Founder and CEO of The Collision Centers of New York
**NEW** Rick Wood, co-CEO of Cooks Collision Centers
**NEW** Mark Sanders, President and Chief Operating Officer, Caliber Collision Centres
**NEW** David Braun, Principal with Nexsyis Collision, Inc.


11:30 AM – 12:30 PM: Lunch Break


12:30 PM – 2:00 PM: Changing Vehicle Design and Increasing Repair Complexity Everyone knows that the vehicles repaired today are vastly different from those of just five years ago. And, the pace of change will continue for many years to come.
Learn how the industry is:
Planning their investments in plant and equipment necessary to repair the every changing automobile
Building cultures geared for technical excellence
Assuring the right car, gets the right repair, by the right technician at the right repair facility
Moderator: Roger Wright, Industry Executive
Participants: Bill Brower, Vice President & Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Liberty Mutual Insurance
Marty Iverson, Executive Vice President of Business Development for North America, Innovation Group
Patrick Burnett, Associate Vice President of Property and Casualty Claims – Material Damage, Nationwide Insurance
Aaron Marshall, Marshall Auto Body
David Goldstein, Senior Vice President – Operations (California and Nevada), Caliber


2:00 PM – 3:30 PM: Anatomy of an Acquisition Geared to small and mid-size MSO’s, this “mock” acquisition will go through the various steps of a transaction, looking at critical issues from both the buyer and the seller’s viewpoint. Topics will include pre-sale preparation, understanding how businesses are valued, confidentiality, due diligence, deal structure and negotiation strategy.
Moderator: Marcy Tieger, Managing Director, Symphony Advisors, LLC
Participants: John Walcher, President of Veritas Advisors, Inc.
Will Johnston, Vice President of Acquisitions, Service King

For more information visit

Industry Support Surges For Collision Repair Expo

Industry support for the Australian Collision Repair Expo continues to grow with exhibitors having already booked more than 90% of the available space 10 months out from the 16-18 April, 2015 trade only event.

Organised for the collision repair industry by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA), the Expo will be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

AAAA Executive Director Stuart Charity said the 2015 Expo is experiencing the quickest ever uptake of exhibition space and sponsorship packages. “We welcome the AkzoNobel Vehicle Refinishes brand as the major corporate sponsor for the third time,” said Stuart Charity.

“Almost all sponsorship packages have been taken, which is a powerful endorsement for this Expo. Crash repair industry suppliers support this show because it delivers what exhibitors want – thousands and thousands of quality trade visitors.

“A committee of senior industry leaders help set the direction for this event and they understand the workshop owners, managers, technicians and apprentices who attend the Expo, because those visitors are also their customers.

“In addition, we get feedback from actual and potential show visitors through formal research. With all this knowledge of the market we truly make it an Expo for the industry by the industry.

“The comprehensive display of vehicle body finishing materials, crash repair equipment and tools will be balanced by a seminar program featuring industry experts presenting the latest technologies and trends in workshop processes and management.

“With this tremendous support from the industry we look forward to a bumper Collision Repair Expo in Melbourne next April. I suggest that crash repair industry suppliers wanting to exhibit at the 2015 Expo should quickly contact Exhibition Director Tony Francis at or call on (03) 9654 7773.

“We are delighted too with the remarkable industry support received for the co-located Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo. More than 75% of that show’s exhibition space has been sold. The Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo features state of the art vehicle repair and servicing equipment, replacement parts, tools and accessories, has its own industry seminar program and an Australian Auto Aftermarket Awards program.

“Together, the Collision Repair Expo and the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo will present more than 400 leading Australian and international brands displayed across five acres,” said Stuart Charity.

Automechanika Shanghai Update

The 2014 edition of Automechanika Shanghai to be held 9 – 12 December 2014 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, China, has attracted local governments from Wenzhou and Ruian who want to transform the auto parts industry through their connection with the show.

The local governments are keen to use Messe Frankfurt’s enormous industry resources to help them upgrade and transform the domestic auto parts industry. To highlight the international development of Wenzhou’s and Shanghai’s automobile and motorcycle parts industry, they will organise activities such as a press conference, matchmaking events for auto parts purchase and business collaboration, as well as sending invitations to domestic and overseas auto parts companies asking them to invest in Wenzhou.


Representing the show organiser, Mr Jason Cao, Chairman of the Board of Management, Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd said: “We are honoured to organise a series of activities promoting the domestic industry image with local governments from Wenzhou and Ruian. Furthermore, we are delighted that more local governments are recognising Automechanika Shanghai as a pioneer in supporting the local auto parts and aftermarket enterprises, to help them expand to global markets as well as motivate enterprises to upgrade and transform. By cooperating with us, the local governments assist in further enhancing the Automechanika Shanghai platform so that it can effectively lead and support the development of the local auto parts industry.”

Hu Ganggao, Wenzhou’s Deputy Mayor added: “A global high-end, professional trade fair such as Automechanika Shanghai offers product trading, brand encounters and the sharing of information technology. In addition, the different promotional activities organised by local government organisations during the show will help to build up the branding for regional industry clusters, as well as providing an important platform for investment, trading, technology, and capital connection. All these things will help our industry development.”


This year’s show, which is the world’s second largest international trade fair for automotive parts, accessories, equipment and services, after the Automechanika show in Frankfurt, Germany, will cover 220,000 sqm of exhibition space comprising 17 indoor halls and 10 outdoor tent halls. The organisers expect to attract 4,800 exhibitors from around the world and more than 86,000 visitors from the whole automobile industry chain, from car manufacturers, distributors, 4S shops, and repair workshops to car care service centers, as well as retailers.

Ji Xuecheng, General Manager of CNAICO outlined the reasons behind an expected increase in exhibitors and visitors. He explained: “Automechanika Shanghai has achieved excellent success in China’s first tier city and mature markets. At the same time, we are putting further efforts into the second and third-tier cities which are offering us enormous growth potential. In addition, we are also targeting emerging markets which include Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South America. This will result in more exhibitors and visitors than last year’s show.”


Accessories & Tuning Key Brand Hall makes its debut

Domestic car owners wanting high quality specialised automotive products, and the demand for tuning products in China’s first-tier cities, is expected to grow by 30 to 50 percent in 2014. In response to this increasing market demand, the show organisers have decided to group the leading Accessories & Tuning companies in a new Accessories & Tuning Key Brand Hall (Hall N1).

The organisers are working closely with the exhibitors in this new hall to create the best buyer experience. This includes making sourcing easier for buyers who are looking for high quality accessories and tuning products, and providing them with VIP services.

Leading brands already signed up for the new hall include BOTNY, BULLSONE, CARORI, GLARE, GRAFITYP, GRANITIZE, Huadian Powerful, Johnson, JUNDA, LIQUI MOLY, LOPAL, Rowe, Sinoma, Sonax, STARWORKS, stop+go, Turbo, WD-40, YAKIMA and YUNHAN. These and other Accessories & Tuning Key Brand Hall exhibitors have access to an exclusive integrated brand promotion package which offers new products and brand exposure to global buyers from the whole auto chain before the show. In addition, as well as enhancing their brand image, exhibitors will be able to network with target buyers at fringe programmes. The show organisers will also support exhibitors by highlighting the new Accessories & Tuning Key Brand Hall in show materials and onsite advertising.

Other new show developments include an upgraded VIP buyer programme which offers exclusive services for qualified premium buyers during the show, such as logistical services to facilitate their fair visit, one-to-one matchmaking meetings between buyers and exhibitors, a customised on-site fair schedule that offers visits to manufacturers, and an onsite VIP lounge offering a dedicated networking area serving complimentary refreshments and services.
For further information about the Shanghai show, please visit 

NACE Announces Detroit Tours

NACE is offering organised technical and historical cultural tours in Detroit. All attendees will have the opportunity to register for any of the nine tours, featuring historic city locations, OEM plant and factory tours, as well as tours of Canada.

A complete list of tours is available online. Registration is encouraged in advance, however, will be available on-site for tours that have not reached capacity.


Date: Wednesday July 30 or Thursday July 31.
Time: Board bus at 9:00 am Depart COBO Center 9:15 am 
Return to COBO Center 12:30 pm.
The Ford Rouge Factory Tour is a five-part experience that includes: Legacy Theatre, Art of Manufacturing Theatre, Observation Deck Tour, Assembly Plant Walking Tour and Legacy Gallery.
Tour Price: $25.00 per person.


Date: Wednesday, July 30 or Thursday July 31 or Saturday August 2.
Time: Board bus at 11:45am, Depart COBO Center 12:00 pm, Return to COBO Center 5:00pm.
More than 80 years ago, The Henry Ford was formally dedicated by its founder, Henry Ford, and his friend and mentor, Thomas Edison. Today, The Henry Ford is a national history destination with an incomparable collection documenting the American experience. The Henry Ford’s unparalleled collection and expertise furthers its position as a global resource for American history and innovation.
Tour Price: Adults/Seniors – $49.00 per person, Children (5-12yrs.) – $39.00


Date: Friday, August 1 or Saturday August 2.
Time: Board bus at 8:45am Depart Cobo Center 9:00 am – Return to Cobo Center 3:00pm.
Greenfield Village visitors experience 300 years of American history through 83 authentic historic structures, four living-history farms and nationally renowned artists creating one-of-a-kind 19th- and 20th-century pieces in pottery, tin and glass.
Today, The Henry Ford, is a national history destination with an incomparable collection documenting the American experience. The Henry Ford’s unparalleled collection and expertise furthers its position as a global resource for American history and innovation.
Tour Price: Adults & Seniors – $49.00, Children (5-12yrs.) – $39.00


Date: Wednesday, July 30 or Thursday July 31
Time: Board bus at 12:45 pm, Depart COBO Center 1:00 pm, Return to COBO Center 2:45 pm
Take a tour through the central hub of OnStar operations in Detroit. OnStar has an 18-year history of providing safety, security and connectivity services to customers. Located in the Renaissance Center, the OnStar Command Center documents the company’s evolution over the years, hosts their central operations and showcases some of the latest advancements.
Tour Price: $20.00


Date: Wednesday July 30 or Thursday July 31
Time: Board bus at 8:30 am, Depart COBO Center 8:45 am, Return to COBO Center 12:30 pm
One of the true purposes of the General Motors Heritage Center is to share the history and accomplishments of General Motors, and to inspire ideas for the future. The GM Heritage Center serves as a showplace for the vehicles of the GM Heritage Collection, and as the home of the Heritage and Media Archive. The Collection is made up of approximately 600 cars and trucks.
TOUR PRICE: $20.00


Date: Thursday July 31 or Saturday August 2
TIME: Board bus at 7:45am, Depart COBO Center 8:00 am, Return to COBO Center 11:00 am
The tour of GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly begins with an introductory video and brief presentation, then ventures by motorized cart into the plant for a thorough look at the General Assembly area.
Tour Price: $20.00 per person


Date: Wednesday July 30 or Friday August 1
Time: Board bus at 8:30 am, Depart COBO Center 8:45 am, Return to COBO Center 4:00 pm
Meadow Brook Hall is the historic home of one the automotive aristocracy’s most remarkable women, Matilda Dodge Wilson, her second husband, lumber broker Alfred Wilson, and their four children. Carefully preserved with original family furnishings and art, the 110-room, 88,000-square-foot mansion is elaborately detailed with carved wood and stone, ornate plaster ceilings, Tiffany stained glass and custom- made hardware, and filled with fine and decorative art.
The Walter P. Chrysler Museum opens to a two-story atrium in which a rotating tower majestically showcases the automaker’s iconic concept vehicles. From the atrium, visitors can access two floors of distinctive exhibition galleries and the garage-like atmosphere of the lower level.
Tour Price: $45.00 per person, both locations combined.


Date: Wednesday, July 30
Time: Board bus at 12:45 pm, Depart COBO Center 1:00 pm, Return to COBO Center 5:00pm
Take a trip back into time with a visit to Windsor. A professional and entertaining guide will introduce you to some of the rich history of the area. You will experience a tour of the Canadian Club Brand Center, the location made famous by Hiram Walker’s legendary Canadian Club whisky.
Tour Price: $39.00 per person


Date: Saturday, August 2
TIME: Board bus at 8:45am Depart COBO Center 9:00 am – Return to COBO Center 3:00pm
Windsor is rich in both history and the arts. The region’s dedication to preserving and sharing their history is strong and proud. Tour highlights include: The Odette Scultpure Park, Walkerville, Willistead Mansion, and Olde Sandwich Towne.
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GM Heritage Centre

CAPAS: Program Covers Different Sectors‏

The first edition of the Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services (CAPAS) will be offering a fringe program line up covering different industry sectors when it is held 21 – 23 July 2014 at the Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition & Convention Center, China.

CAPAS is a one-stop trading platform in Southwest China covering the three main automotive industry sectors of Parts & Components, Accessories & Tuning, as well as Repair & Maintenance. It is organised by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Sub-Council (CCPIT-Auto), Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, and the Sichuan Council of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT-Sichuan). The 35,000 sqm show covering three halls, is expected to attract more than 700 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors.

Commenting on the show and its diverse range of fringe programs, Mr Jason Cao, Senior General Manager, Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd said: “The show is a one-stop industry platform not only offering trading and marketing, but also offering information exchange. Messe Frankfurt focuses on fringe programs which provide exhibitors and visitors with added value so they can achieve better results. It’s the key to retaining a trade fair’s vitality.”

To help local enterprises know more about the Southwest China market, there will be a “CAPAS Academy” supported by the Sichuan Provincial Automotive Engineering and Marketing Commission, the Chengdu Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trade Association (CDAMRA) and the Chengdu Automobile Industry Academy. This event will invite speakers from the Sichuan Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau, the School of Transportation and Automotive Engineering from Xihua University and the Chengdu Transportation Committee Road and Transportation Administration.Themes include an introduction to the automotive market in Sichuan Province and Southwest China, local market business investment policies, and the current aftermarket situation, as well as future developments.

The other seminar is called “Automotive Repair Technology Innovation Forum” and is co-organised by the Auto Maintenance Professional Committee of Sichuan Province. The forum includes two themes “How to Overcome Challenges in Repair Technical Development” and “How to Make Use of E-commerce to Gain More Customers”. Aimed at repair and maintenance service providers, it seeks to help solve technical issues such as training, remote technical support, and team development, as well as how to increase business with e-commerce, to expand marketing channels and strengthen customer trust.

Mr Liang Wanming, Chairman of the Auto Maintenance Professional Committee of Sichuan Province said: “Through this event, we can help our members solve technical and management difficulties. Futhermore, the show gives us an opportunity to talk with exhibitors/manufacturers and connect end users with manufacturers. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Other fringe events include:

A matchmaking event supported by Sichuan Jinhengde West Holding Group Co Ltd which will be attended by major parts and components dealers in the Southwest region.
Exhibitors Tenneco will offer the “Product Presentation and Secondary Distributor Network Introduction” seminar and eBay’s seminar is called “eBay Motors – Automotive E-commerce Development Forum”.
The topic of “Increase Export Profit and Establish Self-owned Brands Seminar” will analyse the export situation for Chinese auto parts enterprises and the European auto parts aftermarket sector, as well as discussions on how to increase export profits and build up a brand.

Domestic and international buyer delegations to attend the show

To help exhibitors develop more sales channels in Southwest China, Messe Frankfurt and its co-organisers are using their comprehensive databases and industry trade fair experience. For example, an invitation to visitors, including the main local R&D and purchasing departments of auto makers and parts manufacturers, and automobile industry parks, has been sent.

In addition, more than 3,600 Parts & Components, Repair & Maintenance and Accessories & Tuning dealers in the local market will be specially invited to source at CAPAS. Furthermore, 2,000 end users will be invited to meet the show’s leading brands and manufacturers to help widen brand influence.

Exclusive services will be available to qualified premium overseas buyers during the show, including information about the Southwest China market and a customised fair schedule which offers a tour to car manufacturing plants and auto cities for auto parts distribution. Currently, there are confirmed overseas buyers from Australia, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, UK and US.

For more information about CAPAS, please visit, or email

NACE Claims Largest Conference Programme

The NACE/CARS Expo & Conference will be held at the Cobo Center in Detroit, from July 30 until August 2. The event claims the largest conference programme in its 32-year history, including:

-Technical training headlining the advancements and future tech trends
-Business management education from industry-leading experts
-Live demonstrations featuring cutting-edge techniques
-Daily networking opportunities to strengthen your business
-Technology showcases for stakeholders, owners, managers and technicians

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