Ronin Collision Repair Tools

In 2009 Ronin Tools met the demands of the car body repair shops and the garage holders with the introduction of a set of five panel beating tools (two hammers – point/shrink/flat/round – and three general dollies, for easily shaping panels).

Additionally, a set with user friendly interior removing tools was introduced, for the quick and correct removal of interior panels.

Both sets come in a solid inlay, which can be easily put into the Ronin Tool Station.

For more information contact the sole Australian agent for Ronin Tools, Grech Sales & Marketing, on Tel: 0401 918 501 or email

Hutchins Air Tools

Australian Warehouse Distributors (AWD) is the Australian agents for Hutchins High Performance Air Sanders.
Hutchins high performance heavy duty air sanders are precision built sanders which feature the patented pad release system. They also feature low air consumption and perfect weight and balance.
Specialist Hutchins tools include the 3950H Blue Top Dual Action Sander for the paint shop, the 3970H Black Top Dual Action Sander for the body shop with an amazing 13000+ RPMs, the 2006VA Rotary Sander which can strip paint and filler or be delicate enough to do fine feather edges and the 800VA/DF long base speedfile orbital sander for coarse and fine sanding.
All Hutchins tools come with complete back up support and a 12 month warranty.
For more information regarding Hutchins Air Tools visit the AWD website at or call them on Tel: (03) 9553 1977 or email

U-POL Compound & Polish Intro Pack

U-POL has announced the launch of a special Compound & Polish Intro Pack. The four liquid products within its new-technology compound and polish range have been united into a convenient kit-size, full-colour printed box.
Included in this new kit are a one litre bottle each of U-POL 333 Liquid Cutting Compound, 334 Fine Finishing Compound, 335 High Gloss Final Glaze and 336 Ultra Gloss Wax Protector products.
This is a great “starter kit” to trial this range and is very cost effective. The intro-pack is 33 per cent cheaper than buying the products individually.
Ask your U-POL distributor for details, or contact Damian Cappelluti at U-POL on Tel: 0400 366 483.
Full product data is available at

Ronin Tools Offset Ring Wrenches

Ronin Tools has launched an all-new set of Offset Ring Wrenches to perfectly complement the existing high-quality combination wrenches that have proven to be so successful.
The professional Ronin Offset Ring Wrench set contains eight different offset wenches that in total cover 16 (8 X 2) sizes. Because the heads of the offset wrenches are positioned under an angle of 75Ëš, they are suitable for fixing bolts hidden between engine parts or in small working spaces.
The length of the offset wrench enables the professional to work with great force, thanks to the high quality mirror polished chrome vanadium steel.
The complete set consists of offset ring wrenches with the following dimensions:
•    6 X 7 – 8 X 9 – 10 X 11 – 12 X 13 – 14 X 15 – 16 X 17 – 18 X 19 – 21 X 23 mm.
The set of Ronin Offset Ring Wrenches is supplied in a practical inlay, so that the complete set can be easily stored in the Ronin tool station if required.
For more information contact the sole Australian agent for Ronin Tools, Grech Sales & Marketing, on Tel: 0401 918 501 or email

Cut Resistant Gloves

Australian Warehouse Distributors (AWD) has released cut/puncture resistant gloves.
The Trade Haus Sure Grip CR10 Gloves are made from high tech stretch/glass fibre lycra; with oil and chemical resistant nitrile coated palm fingers and thumb for better grip, dexterity and comfort.
With a cut resistant rating of Level 4, AWD claim they are well suited for the body shop and metal fabrication environment, reducing the risk of serious hand cuts which can also contribute to ligament damage and ongoing surgery.
For more information regarding the Trade Haus Sure Grip CR10 Cut Resistant Gloves contact Australian Warehouse Distributors on Tel: (03) 9553 1977, email: or visit their website at

New Abrasive Discs From Venom

A new commer to the industry is the brand Venom which sells 150mm sanding adhesive discs that are available in vitually any grind from 40 to 800.
The long lasting discs are extremely well priced and are sure going to make sanding much cheaper for the body shops.
For more information contact Charlie Todorovic on (0414) 55 20 20 or email

PX-300 Dust Buster System

Dust is one of the great enemies of the spray painter, and there have been many inventions to try to eliminate its impacts on quality paint finishes.
The latest development of the anti-static idea is the Dust Buster PX-300 System. This eliminates the static charge on the surface of panels and plastic bumper bars and fittings as well as in your airline supply.
By ionizing your air supply you can now eliminate dust from surfaces that are about to be painted by simply blowing the surface with ionized air. Once the surface has been “blown off” it is ionized and static free, which means the dust will not return.
Domenic Desisto of AAA Malibu Paint and Panel, in Minto, NSW said of the product, “Autoliner Australia installed the PX-300 Ionizing System into our spray booth. We have seen the elimination of dust in our paint, especially on plastic bumper bars.”
Selling at $1495 plus GST and fitting it is a small investment that can make a huge difference in the quality of your work.
For more information contact Autoliner Australia on Tel: (02) 9603 8009 or via email at

Wi-Fi Coming to Vehicles

Ford and Kia are both bringing wireless internet connection to their motor vehicles, Ford through their Sync system, and Kia through their UVO format.

Ford’s voice-controlled infotainment system is based on the Microsoft Auto software platform, now known as the Windows Embedded Auto software platform.

Sync uses Bluetooth wireless technology to provide drivers voice-controlled access to songs from music players such as iPods and enables them to make hands-free phone calls. Ford has enhanced the technology in the past few years, adding features such as access to real-time traffic directions and other information.

Since its debut in 2007, Sync has proved popular for Ford. The automaker has said it sells nearly twice as many vehicles with Sync as those without it.

Sync started on the 2008 Ford Focus and has spread throughout most of the automaker’s lineup. The company offers the system as standard equipment in the USA on Lincoln vehicles and top-of-the-line Ford and Mercury models. It is available as a US$395 option on other Ford vehicles.

Kia has become the first automaker to introduce a competitor to Ford’s system in the North American market. UVO will debut on an unnamed Kia vehicle sometime this year.

Like Sync, UVO is based on the Microsoft Auto software platform. Spokesmen for Kia and Microsoft say the Kia version will have features unique to the South Korean automaker.

Ford’s exclusive contract to develop applications using the Microsoft software expired at the end of 2008. In May of that year, Microsoft announced that Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group would develop a voice-controlled infotainment system for the North American market.

Hyundai has not announced its plans. Fiat Auto Group also uses Microsoft technology to power its infotainment service, called Blue&Me.