CIECA Announces 2020 Board Of Trustees Officers

The Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) held a board meeting in California on 15 January to elect four new officers to the Board of Trustees for 2020.

Kim DeVallance Caron, Enterprise Holdings, was elected Chairwoman; Jeff Schroder,, Vice Chair; Michael Naoom, Safelite Solutions, Treasurer; and Greg Best, California Casualty Management Company was elected Secretary.

A more detailed biography of the Board of Trustees officers can be found on the CIECA website here. The officers will serve on CIECA’s Executive Committee, which oversees business matters throughout the year and plans the agenda for CIECA’s board meetings.

“For the past 25 years, CIECA has served the collision repair ecosystem by creating electronic communication standards that allow the industry to be more efficient,” said DeVallance Caron. “With cars becoming increasingly complex, the industry is embarking on new ways to handle claims. As a result, data will need to be communicated and CIECA will help meet this need.”

DeVallance Caron said that it’s important that all segments of the industry continue to work together to adapt to the new technology being introduced. She added that she encourages all segments of the industry to join a CIECA committee, learn more about the organisation and help shape the future.

CIECA develops electronic standards, codes and standard messages, and provides implementation guides to make the industry more efficient. All standards are developed by members. CIECA membership is open to the collision repair and property restoration industries, along with related segments: repairers, insurers, OEMs, parts and material suppliers, information and software providers, car rental companies, towing companies, salvage and recycled parts providers, auto glass replacement facilities, subrogation providers, general service providers and property restoration providers. CIECA’s goals are to deliver benefits to all participants through reduced development and support costs, lower cost of implementation, reduced barrier to entry and faster development times.

Axalta Services Announces Courses For 2020

Covering a range of topics, Axalta Services says the courses contained within its 2020 training schedule provide participants with valuable insights into the latest tools, techniques and methodologies needed to increase throughput and decrease cycle times within the body repair process.

The schedule kicks off this month with the first course named Pre-Lean. Axalta Services says attendees begin by going back to basics as they are re-introduced to ‘lean’ thinking in the collision repair industry. The course lays the foundations for a successful lean transformation and emphasises the need for basic processes to be in place before a business embarks on a ‘lean journey’.

According to the company, blueprinting, optimum parts management and solid production controls are important components of a lean system and understanding their effects on cycle times during the course prompts participants to focus their thinking.

“In the past, many of us have been guilty of trying to run before we can walk. This course recognises that and takes us back a step,” said Axalta Services Manager, Robin Taylor.

Axalta’s training alliance with I-CAR means that upon completion of any Axalta Services course, participants will be awarded credit that can be applied towards the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals and Platinum Individual designations, or be used to meet role-relevant annual training requirements. Each credit point earned will be submitted to I-CAR and recorded on the participant’s personal training record.

To view the training schedule, visit

IAG Presents Auto Industry Scholarship Award

IAG has teamed up with AAPR’s Auto Industry team to recognise and assist automotive repair businesses that support the collision repair industry and employ apprentices.

As a result, IAG presented the AAPR Auto Scholarship Award to Cessnock Smash Repairs and its apprentice, Matt Brandt, the first winners of the award.

“This Auto scholarships programme provides a unique platform and opportunity to support the collision repair industry, that aligns to IAG’s vision,” said Troy Johns, Specialist – Industry Relations at IAG. “AAPR’s Auto Scholarship programme, supported by WorldSkills Australia, SAPE and other key industry stakeholders, reflects our focus on supporting emerging talents, the future of vehicle repairs and the rapidly changing technology in the modern motor vehicle. It is exciting and a great pleasure to congratulate our first recipient, Cessnock Smash Repairs and their apprentice Matt Brandt.”

Cessnock Smash Repairs is a family-based business that has been operating for over 30 years, run by Greg and Jennifer Gearing, supported by their two daughters and many long-standing employees.

“We have great pleasure in accepting this award from Troy and would like to thank the local Newcastle team from IAG, Greg Preston [from] AAPR, Ian Vickery [from] WorldSkills Australia, Adam McDonald [from] TAFE NSW Glendale campus and a special thanks to Beau Knowles from Sydney Automotive Paints and Equipment, which supplied and contributed to this award with a GYS induction system,” said Jennifer. “This will complement our high standards in auto repairs using innovative equipment which benefits our whole team and our customers.”

HD Repair Forum Forms Committees For Issues In Industry

The HD Repair Forum, a gathering of the heavy-duty collision repair industry executives and leaders, has formed four committees to address issues in the industry: Education, Technology, Parts and OEM Repair Standards.

More information regarding each of the committees will be presented during the 2020 HD Repair Forum, to be held from 24-25 March in Fort Worth, Texas, and will be co-chaired by leaders from various segments of the market.

“The purpose of these committees is to address challenges and solve problems throughout the year, not just during the HD Repair Forum,” said Brian Nessen, HD Repair Forum President. “The key to the success of these committees is strong leaders who share a passion to drive change and a vision for a path that improves the industry for all stakeholders. We are fortunate to have this diverse group of leaders pave the way for a brighter future.”

Education Committee Co-Chairs

Doug Schlueter – I-CAR
Brandon Eckenrode – CREF

OEM Repair Standards Committee Co-Chairs

Kevin Clary – Daimler Truck North America
Rohit Mathew – Carlisle & Co

Parts Committee Co-Chairs

T.J. O’Hanlon – Navistar
Mark Polzin – Budget Truck & Auto

Technology Committee Co-Chairs

Chuck Olsen – AirPro Diagnostics
Aaron Polzin – Budget Truck & Auto

HD Repair Forum says collision repairers, shop owners and management, fleet repairers, OEMs/manufacturers, insurance professionals and appraisers, equipment/service/technology companies, and any others serving the heavy-duty collision repair industry are encouraged to participate.

Fix Auto Australia Adds Somerville & District Panels

Fix Auto Australia has partnered with a new Victorian panel shop, its second appointment in the region in the last month. Somerville & District Panels is the latest independent repairer to join the network which has been expanding rapidly recently.

Bill Kubeil, owner of Somerville & District Panels, said he knew for some time that things are changing for independent repairers, and felt that being part of a network would bring scale and sustainability for those that otherwise find it difficult to stay relevant. Kubeil said his issue was being sure that the group or network he joined would deliver real value, so he looked at several options and decided the Fix Auto model to be the best choice.

“Fix Auto is not just a buying group, they are not motivated or rewarded by what I do or do not buy from them, that is not their model,” said Kubeil. “They are focused on making my business better and more profitable and giving me a voice in the industry that I would not have here on my own. They give me systems, support, training and coaching that makes a real difference to my day-to-day business and of course they act on behalf of the whole network, providing those consolidated services to work providers. It really is the best of both worlds for an independent business.”

“There is a deliberate and recurring theme with the partners we select,” said Stuart Faid, Vice President for Asia, Head of Fix Auto Australia. “Bill yet again represents exactly what we are looking for in our network in terms of values, underpinned by integrity and a passion for delighting customers, delivering quality workmanship with a genuine locally focused service.”

Fix Auto Australia said it will have several more shops to be announced in the coming months.

FCAI Clarifies Members Stance On OEM Position

Discussions held with the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) in relation to OEM Position Statements has led to the FCAI releasing a statement explaining its members view on it.

To read the official statement, please click here.

Axalta Announces 2020 Global Automotive Color Of The Year

Axalta unveiled its 2020 Global Automotive Colour of the Year, “Sea Glass”, a turquoise blue that is inspired by nature’s waterways and oceans, and glitters in sunlight.

Axalta’s 2019 Global Automotive Colour Popularity Report stated that blue vehicles comprise seven per cent of the global automotive market, ranking fifth overall following white, black, grey and silver. The regions with the highest level of blue vehicles are North America and Europe at 10 per cent.

“The trend toward turquoise blues is growing,” said Nancy Lockhart, Axalta Global Product Manager – Colour. “Sea Glass was designed for all vehicle types, from compact and sport vehicles to medium sedans and large SUVs and trucks. Bright and pearlescent, Sea Glass is designed to be transmissible for radio detection and ranging (RADAR), meeting the colour trends of today for the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow. The transmission properties of Axalta’s Sea Glass, as well as many colours in our expansive colour portfolio, allow vehicle-to-vehicle detection to occur.”

Ford Issues 2020 Global Trend Report

Ford has released its latest Global Trend Report which addresses several important issues in today’s world, focusing most on trust as a dominant global theme that companies are working to earn back from customers.

The report surveys 14 countries across the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East and suggests that people’s ability to trust peers, communities, elected officials and businesses has a large impact on their day-to-day lives.

“The rate of change globally has been on the rise and without the trust in the institutions, brands and peers to rely on, a majority of people are feeling extremely overwhelmed,” said Sheryl Connelly, Global Consumer Trends and Futuring Manager at Ford. “Consumers want to believe that companies are doing the right thing, but companies also need to give them a clear reason to do so. At Ford, we remain deeply focused on improving the lives of consumers and their communities, so we can continue to have a trusted relationship that moves us forward together.”

Ford’s report outlined other consumer trends which include The Green Paradox, Call to Stand, All Alone, Below the Surface, Great Expectations, Identity Matters and The Second Time Around.

The Green Paradox addresses climate change fears and consumers who aren’t changing behaviours due to belief that their behaviour can’t make a difference, while Call to Stand tackles consumer standpoints on product-based mindsets against value-based mindsets.

All Alone talks about loneliness in the younger generation, Below the Surface touches on trust and transparency between customers and companies and its importance, and Great Expectations focuses on customer expectations for brands over time. Identity Matters opens up about sexual identity and how people understand it, while The Second Time Around discusses how used goods are more acceptable to customers than they were some years ago.

To read Ford’s full Global Trend Report, click here.

CIECAst Webinar Announced For January 2020

CIECA has announced its next CIECAst webinar – It’s 2020: Where Are Claims & the Collision Repair Market Heading? The webinar will be held on Tuesday 21 January, 2020 at 11 AM CST, will run for one hour, and will feature Sean Carey, President of SCG Management Consultants.

Carey will talk about where claims and the collision repair market are heading in the future, while also discussing the best way to prepare based on industry segment –  independent shop, MSO, insurer, OEM or supply chain provider. Carey will also give a long-term view of the market.

Carey has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. He has worked at Nissan as manager of its London Certified Collision Repair Program, at Fix Auto where he was jointly responsible for CynCast, and established Carter & Carter International. In 2009, Carey established SCG Management Consulting and has since consulted with all sectors of the automotive claims industry. Over the past five years, he has become a regular speaker at industry conferences regarding telematics and the potential impact it will have on the claims and collision market.

To register for the CIECAst, click here.

Attendees will have the opportunity to take a short quiz to earn credit toward a professional designation from the Automotive Management Institute (AMi) after the CIECAst webinar.

AkzoNobel Celebrates 85 Years Of Wanda Refinish

AkzoNobel is celebrating the 85th anniversary of its Wanda vehicle refinishes brand, a product that started locally but grew into a globally used brand.

Wanda was formed in the early 20th century by Roque Montesano, a Brazillian man who wanted to own his own paint factory. Montesano told his wife that if he succeeded, he would name his brand after their daughter, a goal that he achieved.

AkzoNobel says Wanda is available in over 40 countries on five continents and has a global reputation which is built on its colour accuracy, ease of use, quality and value. Wanda Montesano Ferrara, the original inspiration for the name of the brand, has been involved in the anniversary celebrations too.

“I followed in my father’s footsteps to become an entrepreneur and am very proud to look back, see everything that the Wanda brand has achieved and celebrate these 85 years of moments and memories,” said Wanda.

“Our Wanda brand is synonymous with tradition, evolving technology and quality and has become a preferred choice for market professionals around the world,” said Rakshit Punetha, Global Brand Manager for Wanda. “It’s not only a great example of our passion for paint, it also highlights the huge sense of pride we take from continuing to show the same commitment to customers that Roque first demonstrated all those years ago.”

Wanda is now manufactured in Europe, Asia and at AkzoNobel’s plant in São Paulo, and can be purchased in the US, Spain, Russia, India, Italy, Australia, Poland, China and New Zealand. Wanda is compatible with a range of AkzoNobel’s advanced colour search tools, such as MIXIT, ColorPro and Automatchic Vision.