Car-O-Liner Reveals CDR1 Workstation

Car-O-Liner says its new CDR1 workstation contains all the equipment and materials needed to perform light-to-medium collision damage repair quickly and efficiently.

According to Car-O-Liner, the “all-in-one” workstation allows shops to efficiently perform professional light-to-medium body repair services.

“The CDR1 is mobile and has a small footprint, making it a highly accessible and profitable addition to any workshop,” the company said.

A focal point of the workstation is the CR235 Combi Spotter, which features two separate guns for easy switching between steel and aluminium welding operations.

According to Car-O-Liner, the unique spotter saves up to 40 per cent repair time, while decreasing chances of heat or burn-through and eliminating the risk for compromised corrosion protection.

“The new CDR1 repair system was very well-received when we introduced it at SEMA this year,” said Tim Garner, Market Development Manager at Car-O-Liner. “Shop owners have been asking us for an efficient way to boost high-margin, light-to-medium collision repairs without sacrificing quality. Based on the initial response, we believe the CDR1 workstation is that solution.”

The CDR1 workstation is available in three versions. The Level 1 cart includes the CR235 Combi Spotter, plus separate drawers with steel and aluminium repair tools, while the Level 2 cart features an additional drawer for glue pull repairs. The Level 3 cart includes a drawer for pneumatic push pull repairs, plus another drawer for holders.