Car-O-Liner Inverter Welder

Today, not only are high-strength steels making spot welding extremely critical to restore vehicles to manufacturers’ specifications, but to new vehicle safety requirements, as well. An important case in point is the control of the air bag.
Spot welded points that are unable to bear loads, or are too brittle, will result in incorrect interpretations by the respective sensors when the vehicle body is deformed on impact. This results in the delayed triggering of the air bag, which means that this life-saving device may open too late to be of use.
The newly released Car-O-Liner CTR 12000 Spot Welder automatically sets welding parameters. As soon as the welding process starts and the electrode holder moves towards an object, the CTR 12000 records the total thickness of the metal plate, in a matter of a few milliseconds. As soon as the current starts to flow, the welder recognises material as high-strength or maximum-strength steels, and coated or laminated steel panels.
The welding process is then based on this recognition, without the operator having to enter any parameters beforehand.
The Pulse-Sonar System automatically recognises total sheet thickness, while the Virtual Generator recognises material type.
Features include: automatic definition of lens diameter via total energy input, transformer C-spot welding in 10kHz technology and welding data documentation, using WinSpot QS-Software.
CTR 12000 is able to take high input currents of up to 12kA, while providing high quality performance “spot by spot”.
Other features include “Virtual Machine” programmable intelligence — an innovative control technology with integrated quality assurance management designed to monitor joint process from end to end. This starts with definition of the initial situation regarding the items to be joined and ends with the performance and completion of the weld.
Weld progress can be tracked using QM TM traffic light indicator. Quality assurance management includes a database that contains all the required parameters, classified by material type and thickness.
An automatic start up blocker prevents overloading the mains supply fuses.
USB connection allows data transfer and storage, as well as future updating of the system

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