Car Craft NSW Central Welcomes Panther Prestige Smash Repairs

Panther Prestige Smash Repairs in New South Wales has joined the Car Craft network of independent collision repairers.

Established in 1994, the business provided quality smash repair services under three former managements before being purchased by current owners Gavin and Sandra Black.

“Through the years, Panther Prestige Smash Repairs has been steadfast in its commitment to delivering the highest standard of services and customer care,” said Car Craft.

“Panther Prestige Smash Repairs’ new management brings 24 years of experience in the smash repair industry. Backed by vast experience and practical trade knowledge in the motor collision and claims industry, Panther Prestige Smash Repairs provides a complete service with confidence, and delivers exemplary work.

“From minor to major accident repairs and much more, Panther Prestige Smash Repairs are dedicated to ensuring your car’s body repair is carried out to the highest quality following industry standards.”

In addition to delivering quality workmanship, Panther Prestige Smash Repairs said it consistently strives to live up to other elements of its ethos – prompt and efficient key to key times, and outstanding customer service.

“At Panther Prestige Smash Repairs, it’s not just about fixing cars; it’s about caring for our customers,” said Gavin.

According to Gavin and Sandra, being a part of a group of like-minded repairers who focus on high standards and the opportunity to network is what drew them to Car Craft.