Capricorn Report Shows Repairers Want Better Work-Life Balance

Capricorn has revealed the results of its third in-depth industry study, the Capricorn State of the Nation 2022 report, which looks at issues facing automotive industries in Australia and New Zealand.

According to the report, maintaining a good work-life balance and finding time to take a break remains a significant challenge for many business owners. Parts shortages and their rising cost have also affected the industry and there is a major challenge in finding and retaining qualified staff.

Conversely, the report found that 62 per cent of respondents were “extremely happy” or “very happy” with their career in automotive, and that “making customers happy” was the leading positive of working in the industry.

“Despite a couple of COVID-chaos years, the mood generally remains positive,” said David Fraser, CEO of Capricorn Group. “Making customers happy, solving their vehicle’s problems and the variety of work continue to drive the positive sentiment.”

Brad Gannon, CEO of Automotive at Capricorn, said that despite the challenges, a theme of resilience can be found within the report. “Whether it’s COVID, electric vehicles, diagnosing more complex vehicles — whatever it is — the industry finds a way to adapt to it, to evolve with it, to meet that new reality. The industry has shown itself to be a great group of problem solvers. State of the Nation 2022 is one more way Capricorn is delivering on our promise that we’re stronger together,” he said.

The State of the Nation report was compiled from more than 1900 Capricorn members across the two countries.