Capricorn Launches CAPTV Member Communications

Australasia’s largest automotive parts cooperative, Capricorn, has launched a new and highly informative communications channel to its 17,000 plus Australian and New Zealand based Members. It’s called CapTV and it enables Capricorn to connect with its Members via the engaging medium of video.
Designed to engage, inspire and educate, CapTV showcases the many advantages that Capricorn Members are entitled to, profiling business services that can provide significant benefits to them. Freely available online, CapTV combines a professionally presented “Welcome to Capricorn” video with a “Take 2” series of informational videos that have been presented by actual Capricorn Members in a natural and unscripted format.
The CapTV “Take 2” series asks Capricorn Members to spend two minutes of their time to learn more about their Capricorn membership from other Members just like them.
The initial Take 2 series of CapTV video topics include:
• Making the most of your membership
• Capricorn Risk Services
• Capricorn Trade Account and Reward Program
• Capricorn Preferred Suppliers and the Purple Pages Guide
• Capricorn Travel and Events.
According to Capricorn Group CEO, Greg Wall, CapTV adds yet another dimension to its commitment to ensure that Members are up to date on everything relating to their Capricorn Membership.
“The importance of regular and informative communication can never be understated for any organisation, but it is particularly important for a cooperative like Capricorn that exists purely for the benefit of its Members,” Wall stated. “The introduction of CapTV complements our CapChat email newsletter and our monthly Ignition Member magazine, representing a new step in ensuring that Capricorn Members have access to all of the information that they need about their membership and how to gain the most benefits from it,” Wall added.
CapTV can also be viewed by non-Members to learn more about how Capricorn makes it so much easier for thousands of automotive aftermarket businesses across Australia and New Zealand. Visit to view the informative episodes or to join Capricorn, email [email protected] or visit Capricorn online at