Capital S.M.A.R.T Launches Collision Repair Apprentice Programme

Recognising the need to train apprentices to ensure the Industry has skilled tradespeople in the future, Capital S.M.A.R.T launched its first dedicated apprentice training Site on Monday. S.M.A.R.T has created an accelerated programme in partnership with PPG and the Kangan Automotive Centre of Excellence which will enable its apprentices to develop their skills quickly by supporting theory with constant supervised practice.

“Gone are the days where apprentices spend a lot of their day sweeping up and washing cars. This programme is all about developing skills and knowledge by having our apprentices on the tools every day,” said Jim Vais, Group Operations Director. “We have dedicated trainers on site, following a structured training programme which sets out the content to be covered each day. Apprentice progress is assessed regularly throughout the programme and the trainers are able to fast track the training for those who learn quickly and slow down the pace for those that need more time.”

The apprentices work on practice panels and a practice car initially. Once assessed as competent then are given live jobs to work on under the supervision and care of their trainer. The new program is being piloted in the Australia state of Victoria initially, with plans to set up further dedicated training sites across Australia and New Zealand in the next two years.