Burson 50th Anniversary Celebration To Continue Into 2022

Burson 50th Anniversary Celebration To Continue Into 2022

Burson Auto Parts will continue its 50th anniversary celebration into 2022 after COVID-19 restrictions forced a major event to be held virtually and other festivities to be postponed.

Despite the restrictions, several live events were conducted, such as themed regional and city trade shows across Australia. The celebration extended to race circuits, with several Burson Auto Parts sponsored racing cars featuring the company’s 50th anniversary logo. One of the Burson Auto Parts’ TCR Australia cars competed using the racing number 71, commemorating the year the first Burson Auto Parts store opened.

A number of competitions were held throughout 2021, including a ‘$50,000 in 50 weeks’ trade customer cash giveaway, the Team Burson star performers awards, and a 50th anniversary grand prize of $50,000 won by a Burson Auto Parts trade customer.

Specially produced 50th anniversary merchandise was also distributed to Burson Auto Parts trade customers across the country throughout the year.

However, the pandemic forced the annual Burson Auto Parts Awards to be held virtually in 2021, so a gala dinner will be held with the 2022 Burson Auto Parts Manager’s Conference, which was also postponed in 2021.

Steve Drummy, Bapcor Executive General Manager – Trade, said the celebration was a success despite COVID-19 disruption.

“We are delighted to have been able to celebrate this milestone together with our highly valued and loyal trade customers, our hard working and dedicated team members, and our outstanding suppliers,” Drummy said.

“While there were some unavoidable disruptions to our plans, our trade promotions and internal activities continued unabated, ensuring that it was a year of celebration and continued growth for all. We intend to continue with a number of rescheduled events in 2022, so the celebrating isn’t quite over yet.”