BSN Australia Webinar In October 2021 Is About Repairing EVs

BodyShop News October 2021 Webinar Is About EVs

The next BodyShop News Australia webinar, scheduled for 28 October 2021, will focus on how to repair electric vehicles (EVs). Titled “EVs: Are You Ready To Repair?”, the session will extensively cover a number of topics from receiving a damaged EV to handing it back repaired to the owner. BodyShop News publisher Michel Malik will moderate the sessions which will be panelled by experts in their field.

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While EVs are slowly increasing in Australia, their sales still pale compared to hybrids (hybrid electric vehicles, or HEVs) and even more so against traditional petrol or diesel-powered vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE). Nonetheless, experts are warning repairers to start learning how to fix them now because both EVs and even HEVs have a number of differences compared to ICE-powered vehicles – these differences mean that in most cases, EVs and HEVs can’t follow the same repair process that ICE-powered vehicles can.

The webinar will first introduce EVs and HEVs, explaining important differences between the two and how they differ from ICE-powered vehicles. The panel then expects to cover many topics regarding the repair process, including but not limited to:

  • What needs to happen when a vehicle is checked in?
  • Does your shop have access to repair methods for the EV and, if so, how clear are they?
  • Do you need to de-energise the vehicle every time and how do you know you have done that safely?
  • Is anything different for the panel technician when repairing an EV?
  • Are there different procedures for responding to and updating EV customers?
  • Do paint operations need to change when handling EVs?
  • How do you re-energise the car and know it is safe and correct for handover?
  • Does the handover process need to change?

On the expert panel are:

  • Robert Snook – CEO of UK MSO MG Cannon and IBIS Conference Moderator
  • Andrew Marsh – co-owner and founder of vehicle repair methods provider Ezi-Methods
  • Dominic Mazzeo – Operations Manager at B&A Motor Body Repairs
  • Steve Harvey – Fixed Operations Specialist at Nissan Australia

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