Body Repairers Hesitant To Attend SEMA As COVID-19 Fears Continue

A survey by US-based ‘CollisionWeek’ shows just 50.3 per cent of body repairers are likely to attend this year’s in-person SEMA show, compared to last year’s survey figure of 47 per cent. The results showed 22.7 per cent of respondents would definitely attend the event, with an additional 27.6 per cent indicating they were likely to participate.

Concern about COVID-19 was the primary reason influencing respondents’ decision about attending the event, with 19.2 per cent saying they would definitely not participate, 12.8 per cent unlikely to participate and 17.8 per cent undecided.

The next top issue, for 13.3 per cent of respondents, was the possibility of lower attendance, followed by cancellation of other meetings surrounding SEMA and company travel restrictions and economic factors facing their businesses.

The uncertainty around travel restrictions was also a concern for international and local participants, however this concern may now be alleviated due to the federal government announcing the lifting of some international travel restrictions. ‘Collision Week’ said that from November, fully vaccinated air travellers from 33 countries including China, India, Brazil and most of Europe will be permitted to enter the US.

AAPEX and SEMA have released information on the health and safety measures to be taken at their respective events in Las Vegas. AAPEX requires vaccinations for participants or negative COVID-19 PCR tests, while SEMA will follow state and local guidelines that are subject to change.