Baslac Introduces 25-35 and 25-95 Primer Filler Wet-On-Wet

BASF brand baslac has introduced two new wet-on-wet primer fillers to its range of refinish products.

BASF says baslac 25-35 white and 25-95 black primer fillers will provide a high solids non sanding primer that has great coverage, even when straight black is used.

Benefits include:

  • No sanding needed before topcoat or basecoat application
  • Only 20 minutes drying time required before applying the topcoat or basecoat
  • Good adhesion – can be applied directly on e-coat without sanding
  • Can be overcoated up to five days away without intermediate sanding
  • Both products can be mixed to create the appropriate grey shade for topcoat / basecoat colour – refer to the baslac grey shade chart

BASF says baslac products offer a profitable, easy-to-use refinish solution in the body shop. For more information contact 02 8787 0100 or visit