BASF Unveils Fully Equipped ‘Hue-ber’ Mobile Demonstration Trailer

BASF has launched the Hue-ber trailer, which allows body shop owners and managers using its refinishing brands to have on-site product demonstrations, ensuring all customers have access to the latest technologies.

Operated by BASF’s technical team, the Hue-ber trailer is designed to demonstrate the full Glasurit and baslac product ranges, in addition to colour matching and paint mixing processes. It also ensures safe and efficient usage for customers and technicians during operation and transportation.

The Hue-ber is equipped with a state-of-the-art Santint mixing machine, built-in exhaust fans, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, spill kit, electrical safety switch, stock transportation containers, safety signage, and an Aeroqual Series 500 VOC monitor with photo ionisation detection to ensure a controlled paint mixing environment.

It also features Refinity, BASF’s cloud-based colour and business productivity application that runs on the trailer’s computer system. BASF said the digital technology, in conjunction with the Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 Spectro, streamlines the colour matching process, enabling customers to achieve the perfect colour match quickly and accurately.

“We are excited to introduce Hue-ber, our new mobile demonstration trailer that brings our products directly to our customers,” said Sally Jones, Head of Sales and Marketing for Australia and New Zealand at BASF. “Hue-ber represents our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and showcasing our industry-leading technologies. With the ability to mix and match colours on-site, we can provide our customers with a truly personalised experience.”

The service will initially be available in Victoria. To book, contact Jake Featherstone on 0438 352 428.