BASF Shanghai Coatings Launches New Technical Centre

BASF Shanghai Coatings (BSC) has opened its new technical centre building at the BSC Minhang site. One of the key highlights of the Minhang extension project, the launch of the technical centre will allow the company to better serve automotive OEM customers in China.

The site will become a production area with a major focus on coatings and surface treatment development. BASF said it will also bring development, technical services, and salespeople closer together to form the best team for OEM customers, and will promote “innovative and sustainable development of the automotive coatings industry”.

Equipped with advanced laboratory facilities and a team of highly qualified and experienced staff, the facility will offer customers solutions such as colour design, styling and matching, and product development. The centre will allow the creation of high-quality colours, greatly reduce product development time, and improve overall work efficiency.

“I am very excited to celebrate the opening of the new technical centre of BASF Shanghai Coatings and witness the completion of the Minhang extension project,” said Dr Jeffrey Jianfeng Lou, President and Chairman of BASF Greater China. “This new technical centre will further strengthen BASF’s innovation capabilities and increase the synergy between our research efforts in China, enabling us to offer better coating solutions to our customers in China.”

Jack Zou, Vice President Automotive OEM Coatings Solutions Asia Pacific at BASF, said: “The BSC Minhang site is always of strategic importance to BASF’s Coatings division. In this rapidly developing automotive market, the new technical centre will improve our technical capability and enhance our innovation advantage, helping our automotive customers stand out in the competitive industry.”

The Minhang extension project commenced in 2020, including the upgrading of a comprehensive office building, a technical centre building, the e-coat application technology centre, and the newly established Chemetall regional R&D centre.