BASF Releases 2021-2022 Automotive Colour Trends Collection

BASF Releases 2021-2022 Automotive Color Trends Collection

Designers for BASF’s Coatings division have examined new colour spaces for the 2021-2022 Automotive Colour Trends collection. Borrowing a phenomenon from quantum mechanics, the collection is called ‘SUPERPOSITION’, which BASF describes as a “state where the limitation of binary systems is overcome”.

“In other words, things aren’t just black or white, heads or tails, one or zero,” BASF said. “The world has an uncountable number of variations, and this collection immerses itself in all of them. The colours benefit from an unlimited vocabulary of design which can be playful and serious, comfortable and disturbing, or clear and chaotic all at the same time.”

BASF said colours designed for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) use familiar colour positions, but change them with the help of new effects, subtle colour gradients or a specific sparkle behaviour. Shades of grey change their colourfulness according to the angle of view, while shades of blue are light, reflective and structure the surface.

“These eye-opening and thought-provoking colours are a superposition of complex tones that challenge our perception,” said Mark Gutjahr, Head of Automotive Colour Design, EMEA.

BASF said Asia Pacific saw societal change as its biggest trend for 2021, with many using the time they had to recharge, think ahead and build energy for the future. Out of a uniformity in thoughts, products and materials of the past came flexibility and freedom – everybody and everything should be accepted – not only people, but also products and materials.

“Asia Pacific’s key colours are light, clean shades evoking the exciting look of spring and the forward-looking hope it brings,” said Chiharu Matsuhara, Head of Automotive Design for Asia Pacific. “They show a higher level of understanding of our diverse world.”

According to BASF, North America’s future colour designs looked to the concept of balance that strikes a chord with human steadfastness. The colour spaces are anchored in optimism and resilience and show the potential for humanity to move forward despite the challenges.

“We found the equilibrium between the natural and the synthetic world to create calming, unwavering and thought-provoking colours. They draw the viewer into unique sensations that operate on multiple non-binary levels,” said Paul Czornij, Head of Automotive Design for the Americas.