BASF, JLR Collaborating On Global Body & Paint Programme In APAC

BASF, JLR Collaborating On Global Body & Paint Programme In APAC

The BASF Glasurit and R-M premium refinish paint brands will support the development and implementation of the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Global Body & Paint Programme, which covers 16 importer countries and markets in Asia Pacific.

According to the agreement, the partners will commit to a long-term strategic collaboration that allows them to “exceed the industry standard in vehicle body repair and paint refinish”, and includes the supply of refinish products and colour-matching solutions. A dedicated BASF Regional Body & Paint Manager has also been appointed to help develop and implement JLR’s Global Body & Paint Programme in the region.

BASF says it will work closely with JLR to ensure the total branded paint solutions for the Global Body & Paint Programme meet JLR’s required repair specifications and process standards. In addition to Glasurit and R-M paint solutions, RODIM’s accessories for painters will also be included to ensure quality and an efficient damage repair process.

As part of the total body and paint offer, BASF said it is also providing comprehensive Advanced Business Solutions (ABS) to help JLR drive profitability and efficiency within its network of authorised body shops and appointed retailers. It includes a set of services, tools, training and performance management modules designed to improve the processes and overall performance of JLR’s authorised body shop facilities.

“Jaguar Land Rover and BASF are committed to helping their business partners to develop this year more than ever before given the challenges we are currently facing together,” said Mike Hill, Global Strategic Account Management, BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions Europe. “The Global Body & Paint Programme offers a balanced approach, taking care first and foremost of body shop business infrastructure, for example in facility planning, tooling, and technical compliance. Glasurit and R-M experts, together with the JLR Programme Manager, will support body shops to be more profitable through our unique ABS, tailored to improve JLR’s body shop operations and grow commercial opportunities.

“Last year in March, BASF signed the same agreement with JLR for [the Europe region]. This latest agreement has expanded our global footprint and shows the continued trust and commitment to growing the partnership. JLR is also utilising the latest technologies from Glasurit and R-M to drive growth. There have been some great examples of teams from JLR and BASF working closely to develop the authorised body shop networks in Europe and identifying high quality repairers that not only meet the high standards and expectations of a premium brand, but also address the geographical challenges. Italy is a very good example as we have seen an increase of over 30 per cent in its authorised network.”