BASF Espanola Opens Technology Centre In Marchamalo

BASF has officially launched its Technology Competence Center at BASF Espanola in Marchamalo (Guadalajara), Spain with an opening ceremony attended by various dignitaries.

According to BASF, the €14 million centre is dedicated to researching and replicating the painting process of any vehicle manufacturer, taking into account various factors in each production line that influence the paint application process such as temperature, humidity, and coating technology.

The facility is digitally connected (as per Industry 4.0) with internal process management and control systems, sharing digital networking with other BASF Group sites worldwide. It also provides services to more than 100 automotive factories, including manufacturers of plastic parts, in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The opening ceremony was attended by guests including Jose Luis Escudero, Regional Minister of Sustainable Development of Castilla-La Mancha; Rafael Esteban Santamaria, Mayor-President of the city of Marchamalo; Uta Holzenkamp, President Global Coatings at BASF; and Carles Navarro Vigo, General Manager of BASF Espanola.

“Innovation and commitment to the customer have been the fundamental basis for the construction of this centre,” the company said. “Always with a clear focus on sustainability and environmental protection, BASF has installed equipment with the highest energy efficiency and with the optimum degree of emission reduction.”

BASF says the facility is a catalyst for the production transfer of solvent-borne basecoats to the Marchamalo centre, supported by the decision of the BASF Group to designate the Marchamalo headquarters as a European strategic centre for this technology.