BASF Announces Refinity, A Cloud-Based Digital Platform for Collision Repair

BASF Announces Refinity, A Cloud-Based Digital Platform for Collision Repair

The BASF Coatings division has launched Refinity, a cloud-based digital platform for its body shop customers all over the world.

The company says Refinity will provide customers with a seamless digital experience designed to drive efficiency in the areas of colour, business, training and support solutions. The platform will also feature links to selected partner offerings to further connect customers to industry digital solutions that drive profitability and efficiency into the overall body shop process.

“At BASF, we are committed to working together with our customers,” said Dirk Bremm, President of BASF’s Coatings division. “We passionately share one vision towards digitalisation which will see more and more smart digital solutions that make our customers’ lives easier and more efficient. With Refinity, we will take a big step forward in the collision repair industry by creating a seamless digital experience that will help our customers grow in the long term and become that body shop of the future.”

BASF describes Refinity as a new brand and an all-new global value proposition for refinish customers, combining a number of different software solutions into one secure, easy-to-use cloud-based solution resulting in increased efficiency in time and resources.  The cloud platform will not only allow for automatic updates but will open the door for continuous improvement opportunities and future offerings.

“With its launch, BASF will become the first refinish paint company in the world to offer a single platform that incorporates all customer solutions in a one-stop shop offering with a simple user interface and designed for the body shop environment,” said Christian Holland, Global Director of Digital and Data, BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions.

“By using cloud computing technology, Refinity is managed, maintained and updated centrally – one platform, one password, one set-up.”

BASF Refinity is currently available for customers online on a pay-as-you-go basis, with global country-wide rollouts to begin in October.