Bahrain Bodyshop Association To Be Established

IBIS Worldwide has announced a pioneering collaboration initiative, the Bahrain Bodyshop Association, an outcome of dialogue at the inaugural IBIS Bahrain National Forum held last year. The joint endeavour, supported by IBIS and Business Success Global (BSG), marks a significant stride towards a unified and robust automotive repair industry.

“The Kingdom of Bahrain stands on the brink of monumental change,” said IBIS. “A series of strategic dialogues are on the horizon, where Bahraini regulators will engage in discussions with consolidated representations of insurers, under the auspices of the Bahrain Insurance Association, and automotive body repair shops, facilitated through the newly formed Bahrain Bodyshop Association.”

According to IBIS, the initiative will have substantial implications for safety, skill enhancement, industry standards, and sustainability in the industry, while embodying a spirit of cooperation and concentrating on Bahrain’s Vision 2030 – a fully nationalised collision repair industry.

“We extend our warmest applause to the bold industry leaders who have taken this unprecedented step. Their determination has the capacity to elevate the entire automotive repair industry and provide superior service to the people of Bahrain. It is with overwhelming pride that we at IBIS and BSG pledge our unwavering support to this extraordinary journey,” said IBIS.

CORRECTION: This article has been updated to correct the name of one of the collaboration partners. The joint endeavour is supported by IBIS and Business Success Global (BSG), not Bahrain Standards and Guidelines (BSG).